Apaji-wla’matulinej Videos

A collection of videos profiling members of Apaji-wla’matulinej, the Eastern Hub of Righting Relations. Videos directed by Cathy Martin


Reflections on Righting Relations

How being part of Righting Relations is moving us towards a more just society on this land we now call Canada

Sherri Mitchell, Penobscot Attorney, Author and Community Leader

Sherri Pictou, Bear River First Nation and Professor at Mount St Vincent University

Traditional Teachings

Jane Meader, Elder, BACS & MEd, discusses the Mi’kmaq creation story and how this relates to the venerated place of women in their culture.

Miigam’agan, Righting Relations National Steering Committee Member and mi’kmaq clan mother from Esgenoôpetitj / Burnt Church New Brunswick, speaks about the forming of the Eastern Hub of Righting Relations through a women-led approach.