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Multi Year Program Partnerships

Righting Relations:

Adult Education for Social Change

A Women-led, Pan-Canadian Network of Adult Educators in partnership with the Catherine Donnelly Foundation

Intent on advancing broader social change strategies, participation and organization, the Catherine Donnelly Foundation has set a course that will lend priority to a women-led adult education process with Indigenous, Newcomers/Refugees and Low Income Canadian populations.

The purpose of Righting Relations is to strengthen the capacity of adult educators and adult education to bring about radical social change through political and economic literacy for a just society in Canada.

Program Goals

Regional Hub Development

Over a five-year timeframe, hubs of activity will be phased in focusing on each of the identified constituencies. Currently we are engaged in hub development in three regions: the Western Region, with a focus on Low-Income communities; the Central Region, focusing on Immigrant and Refugee communities; and the Eastern Region, with a focus on Indigenous communities. Whilst there are regional priorities to hub development, there is a deep recognition of the intersectional reality of our constituencies, and hubs are currently reflecting that multi-faceted and intersectional reality.

Anticipated Outcomes

National Steering Committee

Program oversight and direction is provided by the National Steering Committee, a group of experienced adult educators from across the regions engaged in hub development, working with and representing the constituencies of focus to Righting Relations (Indigenous, Immigrant, Refugee and Low-Income). The National Steering Committee leads and advises in the planning, design and facilitation of the program.

A National Program Facilitator works in collaboration with the National Steering Committee to support hub development and ensure connection and cohesion of the project within a national framework. The Catherine Donnelly Foundation has representation on the National Steering Committee and works collaboratively to give guidance and direction to the program.

Foundational Frameworks

Righting Relations - Adult Education for Social Change. Strengthening the capacity of adult educators/adult education to bring about radical social change through political and economic literacy for a just society in Canada. photos of people

Past Grantees: Adult Education Program Partners

The Adult Education Committee of the Catherine Donnelly Foundation has provided two Program Grants. The Community Social Planning Council of Greater Victoria received a three-year commitment ($150,000) to strengthen and extend learning and action on a previously funded poverty reduction strategy and Theatre for Living (formerly Headlines Theatre) received a five-year commitment ($290,000) to strengthen and support ongoing operations.

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Community Social Planning Council

The Catherine Donnelly Foundation provided one year of funding in June 2011 to the Community Social Planning Council of Greater Victoria for a Learning Community on Poverty Reduction and Prevention for BC’s Capital Region. The project had major success in generating community engagement on poverty. As a result, the CSPC approached the foundation and was successful in receiving a three-year funding agreement for a Community Learning and Action Plan on Poverty program to engage in collaborative social innovation using a continuous process of learning to build a system of inter-related program and policy developments to tackle poverty in the Greater Victoria region.

Theatre for Living

The Catherine Donnelly Foundation has provided grants to Theatre for Living from all three of our funding priorities exploring environmental issues, homelessness, social justice and mental health. Theatre for Living's work is a worldwide leading example of theatre for social change; theatre for dialogue creation and conflict resolution; theatre for community healing and empowerment. Projects have taken place in collaboration with First Nations and multicultural communities through theatre workshops, Power Plays and Forum Theatre events around the world on issues such as violence, suicide, racism, youth empowerment, homelessness and mental health, othering, bullying and community development.

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