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Traditional Teachings

Seeking Netukulimk

Kerry Prosper is a passionate fisher and Mi’kmaq elder, who is teaching his grandchildren how to exercise their treaty rights by fishing eels. But those rights come with sacred responsibilities to care for the land and waters of Mi’kma’ki. Seeking Netukulimk is a lyrical exploration of the traditional laws that govern fishing in the Mi’kmaq world, and some of the political battles that have been fought to defend them.

In Defence of Our Treaties

Directed by Martha Stiegman and Co-Produced by Martha Stiegman & Sherry Pictou

In Defense of our Treaties (2008) follows members of Bear River First Nation as they stand up to Canada’s Department of Fisheries (DFO), who is pressuring them to sell out their treaty rights for a ticket into the commercial fisheries. For the Mi’kmaq, fishing is a right that comes from the Creator, and is protected by the Treaties. In 1999, the Supreme Court recognized those rights, and DFO has since signed agreements with 32 of the 34 First Nations in the region. The deals offer money to buy into the commercial fisheries, as long as the Mi’kmaq fish under DFO’s jurisdiction. That’s not good enough for Bear River, one of two communities refusing to sign.

Mi’maq Creation Story – Woman of the Water

Jane Meader, Elder, BACS & MEd, discusses the Mi’kmaq creation story and how this relates to the venerated place of women in their culture.

The Divine Feminine In Transforming Our World

This episode of Love (and revolution) Radio with Sherri Mitchell and Rivera Sun explores the concept of the divine feminine as a force for change. Our very own Righting Relations Eastern Hub member Miigam’agan along with Nickie Sekera each bring a unique perspective and deep insight to understanding the role of the feminine in transforming our world.

Native Protocol

by Cathy Grant Gerrior

I am white turtle woman.  I would like to take this opportunity to offer some reflections based on my observations and experiences as a native woman living and working in the dominant society of what is called “Canada” that doesn’t always understand or appreciate my nativeness.
Download: Native_Protocol.docx (MS Word)

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