The Wheel Truth Show’s First Podcast: “Who we are”

We are Roxanne and Lalita.

Let’s get the obvious out of the way.  We are both people with disabilities, but more importantly we are people.

That is simply who we are.  We get married, we have kids, and we have careers.  We still have to clean shitty toilets, cook, and pay bills.  We just do the best we can like everyone else.

But unfortunately, the majority of people don’t see us this way.  Our lives are either seen as a tragedy or an inspiration, both of which are very annoying and inaccurate.

We have started this site to show the world who we are and to find others who have similar experiences.

This is a hub where we can speak our truth and where you can speak yours.

Every week we will upload a podcast where we share our experiences, some trials, and rants.

Check out the first episode of our podcast Who are we?

We hope you enjoy listening to us as we forge ahead on this wheelchair accessible journey.

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