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Find out more about initiatives taking place in partnership with the Catherine Donnelly Foundation, as well as stories of impact from recent Environment Initiatives grant partners.


Photo of oil refinery

Catherine Donnelly Foundation leads the way

Desmond Wilson, Chief Financial Officer at the CDF, shares our fossil fuel divestment “aha” moment!

More About Divestment: Desmond is featured in this Globe and Mail article and Bob McKeon, CDF Director, speaks to the Foundation’s decision to divest


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EcoJustice: “Environmental Rights in Canada” 

The Catherine Donnelly Foundation has awarded Ecojustice a five-year grant to fund efforts to enshrine the right to a healthy environment for every Canadian into the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. This will be a powerful catalyst in improving the quality of our laws, our environment and our health. Read more


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Environmental Defence Toxins Campaign

The Catherine Donnelly Foundation awarded a 5-year grant to Environmental Defence for their “Redefining Canadian Policy on Health, Toxins, and Environment” (from 2012-16). Check out the story of their amazing results here.