A poem inspired by the Righting Relations National Gathering

June 6 – 10, 2018, Pinawa, Manitoba

By Rehana Tejpar

At the heart of Turtle Island,

Lies a sacred site,

Where, 10, 000 years ago, Anishnaabe ancestors carefully crafted Petroforms, telling stories of earth and sky,

For all who followed to see, and remember.

On these sacred lands,

A group of leaders and learners recently gathered.

Together on the path of transformation,

Learning how learning can steward a world more healed, more just, more loving.

Righting Relations,

Hand in hand,

Singing songs of truth and spirit,

Telling stories of grief and praise,

Learning to build community again. To reconnect.

Learning what wounds need to be healed for us to expand,

To be more heart-centered,

To walk with our communities into safety and abundance.

We can’t take anyone further than we ourselves have gone.

We begin to envision a future together,

Where people of all nations can stand as one, united for justice.

The power is infinite.

Like the birds in a flock fly together,

Without a single leader,

Each one, a leader.

Leading from below,

From where our roots grow.


Listening with all our senses,

And learning to trust the flow.

Sometimes it’s foggy, and we get lost.

Sometimes we become afraid.

Sometimes we forget where we’re going.

And sometimes she wants to fly here and he wants to fly there and….

What next?


It’s all part of the journey.


So we dance.

And we are still.

And reflect,

And fly again.