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Animated image showing a group of 8 women of different races embracing in a group hug. The text "we believe in you" is laid over the image.

Animated image showing a group of 8 women of different races embracing in a group hug. The text "we believe in you" is laid over the image.It’s been a long time since our last blog update, and many things have happened since then, in the world and in Righting Relations. We hope that everyone has been keeping as well as can be expected, staying safe and healthy, and we want to send our love and our prayers to everyone: this has been a difficult year and our hearts are with all of you.

As an organization, we are taking an exciting step! We’re launching a request for proposals to redesign the Righting Relations website. If you or someone you know is a web designer/developer, please share the Request for Proposals document with them (see the button below). We would especially love to hear from folks who share our values, folks who are Black, Indigenous, or People of Colour, queer folks, and folks from other marginalized backgrounds.

The deadline for proposals is June 1st, 2021. Please send any inquiries to

We cannot wait until the day when we can safely meet again in person, and until then, please take care of each other.

Download the RFP

Download the .doc format

Reflections on Canada 150



Stories from across the nation to build a more just society

This year commemorates the 150th Anniversary of Canada and we are taking this opportunity to pause and reflect on where we are coming from and where we are going.

A country born out of settler-colonialism and treaty relationships with First Nations, welcoming people from around the world, Canada has a complex history, which we continue to navigate to this day. We are a country, which both respects and upholds civil liberties for some whilst denying the fundamental rights of others. As a government and a people, we are unclear about how to uphold our treaty relationships with First Nations and continue to carry the burden of Canada’s early structural foundations. How do we participate in building a nation, which leverages what is working for all people, and shifts what is not?

Righting Relations believes in the power of an engaged and empowered civil society towards building and re-building a country, which truly reflects and supports us all.

We are genuinely curious to hear Reflections on Canada 150 from a truly diverse collection of people across Canada. We are collecting stories from coast to coast that can hopefully inspire and help move us towards the Canada we want to live in and need to co-create.

We invite you to join this conversation. Please share your reflections on the following questions through video, article, poetry, photography, dance, theatre, collage – all forms of creativity are welcome! Please keep videos to 2 minutes maximum.

1) What Canadian values do you believe in, and how do you live them into being?

2) What do we need to do to build a more politically and economically just society in Canada? What part are you playing in building that reality?

3) What does Righting Relations mean to you? What is needed in order to Right Relations now and into the future in Canada?

Please email your reflections to us at

Many thanks!


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