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Art by Maigan van der Giessen

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Honouring the Buffalo – A Community BBQ in Partnership with Buffalo People Arts Institute, Regina, Sept 5th

Upcoming Online National Circles

Building Relationships of Solidarity Between Immigrant, Refugee and Indigenous Communities, Part II: Tues March 6th from 12-1pm EST

Art from decolonization.wordpress.com

To register, email info@rightingrelations.org

Facilitation Tools for Working with Communities to Explore Political and Economic Systems, Part II: Wed March 21st from 10am-11am MST/12pm EST

Photo by Kelsey Cronin

To register, email info@rightingrelations.org

Online National Circle Feb 7th, 10-11am MST/12-1pm EST

Art by Ernesto Yerena

We will share practical facilitation tools we use with the communities we work with to explore political and economic systems and how we can change them, with a focus on working with marginalized communities in Canada.

To register, please email info@rightingrelations.org




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