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Explore the one-year project grants that the Catherine Donnelly Foundation has awarded since 2005.

OrganizationFocus AreaCityProvinceYearAmountDescriptionWebsite
Dene Nahjo (A Project on MakeWay's Shared Platform)Adult EducationYellowknifeNorthwest TerritoriesFall Nov 202025000Dene Nahjo will lead a two-week on-the-land program for Indigenous peoples to learn traditional Dene hide tanning techniques, how to manage a bush camp, and prepare traditional food; as well as facilitated discussions about colonization, Indigenous resurgence, decolonization, Indigenous leadership values, climate action, and modern land
Hives for Humanity Society (PHS Community Services Society)Adult EducationVancouverBritish ColumbiaFall Nov 20204000The Culture of the Hive project is a 3-month, bi-weekly workshop series focusing on public speaking and group facilitation to build pathways to governance and leadership through the inclusive, creative culture of connection that is built around the gardens and bee hives. The workshops will help each participant identify the social inequalities they experience through past and present lenses, lived and learned experiences of the stigma associated with these inequalities and what actions can be taken collectively to communicate these inequalities and share voices with allies for social
John Humphrey Centre for Peace and Human RightsAdult EducationEdmontonAlbertaFall Nov 202020000This project will strengthen the Stride network by hosting meetings with existing and new partners, workshops to build their understanding of Indigenous-based/trauma-informed restorative justice practices, and workshops to build capacity to use these practices in advocacy work with victims and
Ka Ni Kanichihk Inc.Adult EducationWinnipegManitobaFall Nov 202030000This project will provide the needed resources for the Heart Medicine Lodge program, an alternative adult education program and will align programming within current pandemic conditions in response to urban Indigenous community needs. This project is embedded in Indigenous cultural practices which define self and create pathways for reconciliation and facilitate the breakdown of systemic
MABELLEartsAdult EducationTorontoOntarioFall Nov 202020000The Mabelle Avenue Project (MAP) is a hopeful new vision for adult education and community-led social and economic development on Mabelle Avenue. MAP is a multi-phase initiative that imagines a ribbon of activity and support on Mabelle Avenue, woven from existing indoor and outdoor communal spaces that have been locked and otherwise inaccessible to residents for upwards of a decade. Funding is to support a new position responsible for leading MAP by supporting adult education, training and job development for community leaders in Phase
Multifaithhousing InitiativeAdult EducationOttawa,OntarioFall Nov 202017500This project will advance the leadership of racialized and immigrant/refugee women and build cross-cultural-racial, interfaith allyship at the Haven (a multi-cultural affordable housing development) and surrounding Barrhaven through creative writing that ignites desire to recognize and address, in our personal lives and the wider community, the impact of colonization and racial injustice, along with other forms of marginalization.
Skills for ChangeAdult EducationTorontoOntarioFall Nov 202020000The Black Leadership Institute on Social Action for Change (SAC) project will take the success of the Skills for Change’s Spotlight Series and see 50 members of the Black community in the GTA come together for 2 cohorts of a 10-module online leadership development program, providing participants with theory and experiential learning to gain transferable skills required to drive change in the local community related to the inter-sectional barriers faced by Black people in the GTA.
The Canadian National Institute for the BlindAdult EducationTorontoOntarioFall Nov 202020000The Canadian National Institute for the Blind will develop and deliver group training sessions on advocacy and human rights for members of the sight loss community in British Colombia. This project will use a train the trainer model, sessions will support, connect, empower, and amplify voices of sight loss community to inform new accessibility legislation in British
The Centre for Civic Religious Literacy (Islamic Family & Social Services Association (IFSSA))Adult EducationMontrealQuebecFall Nov 202020000Funding is to support Phase 1 (ADULT EDUCATION TRAINING) of a multi-year project that aims to improve the social and economic well-being of rural communities connected to the Islamic Families and Social Services Association (IFSSA) in Edmonton and the Keepers of the Circle Indigenous Hub (KotC) in Temiskaming Shores, Ontario.
VIDEA - a BC based International Development Education AssociationAdult EducationVictoriaBritish ColumbiaFall Nov 202024900The Oskinîkiwak Askîy: Future World project will engage 5 Indigenous female, male and 2-Spirited youth between the ages of 18-35 from 5 unique communities from across Canada as Youth Leaders to learn together and create a mass media campaign that will highlight Indigenous-led initiatives and teachings on the intersecting themes of environmental sustainability and gender
Climate Action Network - Réseau action climat (CAN-Rac) Canada (Foundation for Environmental Stewardship)Environment OttawaOntarioFall Nov 202025000With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, (CAN-Rac) recognized the potential for wide-ranging adverse impacts among their members and Canadians. As a result, ensuring a Just Recovery for All has become one of CAN-Rac's core campaigns this year. Funding is to support hiring a contractor for one year to convene a broad spectrum of Canadian civil society groups interested in co-creating and implementing policy and programming in support of a clean and Just Recovery for all.
Clean Energy Canada (Simon Fraser University, Centre for Dialogue)Environment VancouverBritish ColumbiaFall Nov 202015000Clean Energy Canada will continue to mainstream and amplify good-news stories about clean energy in Canada, including polling, reporter/editor backgrounder meetings, editorial board meetings, and ongoing strategic media briefs. The focus will be on profiling jobs, economic impacts, and tangible examples of change, as well as success stories about renewable energy in Canada's indigenous communities. This work will be underscored by strategic research and multi-sectoral collaborations that advance these communications
Community Forests InternationalEnvironment SackvilleNew BrunswickFall Nov 202020000The Common Ground Project will convene and mobilize citizen climate action in the rural forest-dependent Maritime region by amplifying the common ground among settler and First Nation land relationships and providing access to the emerging conservation economy. Community Forests International will strengthen on-staff engagement organizing skills, learn from key experts, and create shared knowledge and storytelling that moves
Dogwood (Institute for New Economics Public Interest Research Association)Environment VictoriaBritish ColumbiaFall Nov 202030000Dogwood is building the Local Power campaign to kick-start the renewable revolution by removing obstacles to community-driven clean electricity all over B.C. Activities include:
- Partnering with First Nations in B.C. to highlight Indigenous renewable power projects
- Surveying British Columbians for green recovery projects
- Leading steering committee to draft Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) legislation in B.C.
- Mobilize Dogwood’s 275,000 supporters to take action for PACE, green recovery projects, and Indigenous Power
Global Catholic Climate Movement - Canada a PROJECT of Faith & the Common GoodEnvironment TorontoOntarioFall Nov 202025000Catholics make up 30% of Canadian society, and Catholic institutions – such as dioceses, hospitals, schools, universities, colleges, teachers’ pension funds and charities -- collectively have investments worth billions of dollars. In addition, individual Catholics, and businesses owned by Catholics, have billions more in investments. This project aims to facilitate the migration of Catholic-held capital away from a troubled economic system, and towards new opportunities that will build a more sustainable and just world.
Green Jobs Oshawa (CSJ Research and Education)Environment TorontoOntarioFall Nov 202025000This proposed project for environmentally conscious conversion of manufacturing includes three main action areas:
1. Goal: build a popular base for converting closed facilities to socially useful production, especially environmentally-necessary production.
2. Engage worker and community activists in such projects, deepening our base in Oshawa and encouraging similar projects across Canada.
3. Do educational/mobilizing/advocacy work on the link between productive capacities, economic restructuring, the environment, and jobs with dignity.
Indigenous Clean Energy (Ottawa Community Foundation)Environment OttawaOntarioFall Nov 202020000Bringing It Home is a national initiative working to foster community-centered ‘Healthy Energy Living’ enabling environments that engrain energy efficiency for new and retrofitted homes and facilities, now and for future generations. This enabling environment focuses on strengthening capacity across six key domains: Governance & Leadership, Asset Management, Maintenance, Skills, Design & Construction, and Financing. Bringing It Home will develop tools and resources (videos, worksheets, case studies, etc.), national financing solutions, and hands-on training to support Indigenous communities in fostering enabling environments and implementing energy efficiency
Iron and Earth (Institute for New Economics Public Interest Research Association)Environment VictoriaBritish ColumbiaFall Nov 202020000Iron and Earth will undertake four main areas of activities as part of their Prosperous Transitions Campaign:
1. Rapid response: Generate and demonstrate worker support for prosperous transition principles and green stimulus initiatives
2. Listen: Gather more information about fossil fuel sector workers’ vision for a Prosperous Transition
3. Amplify: Broadcast worker supported priorities and perspectives into public and political spheres
4. Influence: Organize to win workers’ policy priorities
The Share Reuse Repair Initiative (a Project of MakeWay Charitable Society)Environment Vancouver British ColumbiaFall Nov 202025000This project will meaningfully engage members of marginalized communities to learn
how circular practices like sharing, reuse and repair show up in their lives and economies. Marginalized community members will be brought together with public and private sector decision-makers and economic development specialists to build shared understanding and co-create an implementation strategy. Project insights and findings will be distilled in a Strategy Brief that centres the voices and stories of marginalized communities and used to advocate for change. Project findings will also be featured in SRRI’s social media, website, newsletter and at a public dialogue.
West Kootenay EcoSocietyEnvironment NelsonBritish ColumbiaFall Nov 202025000This project will reach rural audiences in heavy-industry communities to build overwhelming support for the just clean energy transition by:
• Using a tool that is proven to change peoples' minds: deep canvassing
• Launching a positive rural solutions online publication using values-based narratives
• Building worker support for the renewable energy transition at the Trail smelter
• Community organizing so city council passes a resolution for the just 100% renewable energy transition, and the Teck smelter commits to developing a transition plan
• Releasing a playbook and coaching other organizations
World Wildlife Fund Canada (WWF-Canada)Environment TORONTOOntarioFall Nov 202015000The funding will support WWF in partnership with Gjoa Haven to accomplish two goals that will support the establishment of the Gjoa Haven Energy Coop:
1. Finalize the legal and financial structure for the coop through consultation with Arctic Co-operatives Limited, working with the Nunavut Economic Developers Association to build a business case.
2. Determine the financial viability of facilitating energy savings projects by analysing the data collected from three pilot projects funded by CanNor.

Gjoa Haven Energy Coop will enable energy efficiency and renewable energy projects that will increase employment, energy security and Inuit ownership while reducing environmental and health impacts.
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (Ontario)HousingTorontoOntarioFall Nov 202020380This research project aims to support tenants across Canada to mobilize for more affordable, more secure housing. This research will: examine the root causes of the current housing affordability crisis and the resultant housing insecurity; provide new information, analysis, and networking opportunities for use by tenants’ organizations; crystallize public and policy-makers’ understanding of tenants as an often-marginalized socioeconomic group with specific aspirations; and lay the groundwork for new policy development. This project builds on recent CCPA work on housing affordability, the financial security of tenant households, and four decades of related research into income and housing supports for low-income Canadians, working or otherwise.
Logifem IncHousingMontrealQuebecFall Nov 202029410A network of Montreal-based organizations supporting women who experience housing instability, aim to collectively shift from an emergency-only response model to a more sustainable systems housing approach for all women and children. Activities include co-creating, implementing and evaluating a replicable model of housing supports specifically for women experiencing housing instability and strengthening and energizing community organizations currently supporting this population. A cross-sector advisory committee will support the participatory co-creation project.
Partners for Youth Inc.HousingFrederictonNew BrunswickFall Nov 202012500There is a service gap related to ongoing mentorship and support for youth who are seeking and participating in mental health treatment. The Mentoring for Mental Health and Wellness project will address this by recruiting, training and supporting volunteers and others to provide mentoring for youth seeking support to maintain positive mental health. This will be a community-based initiative where the development of mentoring supports to empower youth facing mental health challenges will be volunteer driven and agency supported. In addition to supporting youth around their mental health needs, mentors will be able to focus on education and employment supports and career development as relationships
Shareholder Association for Research and Education (SHARE) (Columbia Institute)Housing Vancouver British ColumbiaFall Nov 202025000One of the drivers of inequality and housing unaffordability is the financial system and the shift towards treating housing as a commodity rather than a human dwelling. This trend is known as the financialization of housing whereby housing is no longer considered a universal human right but rather a means to accumulate wealth, a security for financial instruments and a safe haven to park excess capital. The Investors for Affordable Cities project will mobilize actors in the financial system to address the practices that are driving housing unaffordability.

In order to better identify, quantify and limit predatory strategies used by investment funds and managers in the residential real estate market, SHARE proposes a three-year project to mobilize institutional investors to implement responsible strategies within their real assets portfolios, developing pressure at key points in the investment chain and with policy makers to stop predatory behavior and promote housing investment that supports inclusive communities.
Siloam MissionHousingWinnipegManitobaFall Nov 202020000The Exit Up! program provides opportunities for Indigenous young adults, aged 18 to 25, who have left the care of Child and Family Services and are seeking a supportive environment to develop skills for living interdependently with success. The program works holistically with participants to help them achieve their goals, providing culturally safe and relevant opportunities, catered and directed to their own individual
Woman Abuse Council of Toronto (WomanACT)HousingTorontoOntarioFall Nov 202024772Violence is a leading cause of homelessness among women and a lack of access to safe and affordable housing is a key barrier for women fleeing violence. Growing evidence shows that a broad range of culturally competent and safe housing options for survivors increases the likelihood of them re-establishing themselves safely. Among these options, the right for women to remain in their homes safely must be upheld.

The primary objectives of the project are to:
• Advance housing solutions and options for survivors by developing policy and practices that support women to remain in their own home or independent accommodation when leaving a violent relationship;
• Disseminate and mobilize knowledge on promising practices, programs and policies with policy makers, community agencies and funders to promote their uptake.
Breast Cancer Action QuebecAdult EducationMontréalQC202038482Working in partnership with the Centre sur l'éducation des adultes et la condition féminine (CDEACF), Breast Cancer Action Quebec (BCAQ) will develop and deliver health empowerment workshops for newly arrived adult learners. The workshops will empower the adult learners to identify the supports they need and take action on their health by working with the community to bring about those changes. Workshops will be delivered in French and English.
Canadian Language MuseumAdult EducationTorontoON 20207000The Canadian Language Museum is working closely with members of the Deaf communities in Canada, sign language teachers and interpreters, and linguistic experts to create a new exhibit: 'Sign Languages of Canada'. The exhibit features six different sign languages used across Canada's English, French and Indigenous Communities. The exhibit will be toured to a wide variety of venues across the country.
City for All Women Initiative (Lowertown Community Resource Centre)Adult EducationOttawaON202034000Violence is a leading cause of homelessness among women and a lack of access to safe and affordable housing is a key barrier for women fleeing violence. Growing evidence shows that a broad range of culturally competent and safe housing options for survivors increases the likelihood of them re-establishing themselves safely. Among these options, the right for women to remain in their homes safely must be upheld.

The primary objectives of the project are to:
• Advance housing solutions and options for survivors by developing policy and practices that support women to remain in their own home or independent accommodation when leaving a violent relationship;
• Disseminate and mobilize knowledge on promising practices, programs and policies with policy makers, community agencies and funders to promote their uptake.
Child Welfare League of CanadaAdult EducationOttawaON202029000The Learning Community on Reconciliation Initiative creates opportunities for children, youth and family serving organizations that are focused in the areas of child welfare, housing, health and youth justice to:

1. Strengthen their ability to work creatively, respectfully, and collaboratively with First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples;

2. Reflect on their practice, learn from peers and experts, and prototype and evaluate reconciliation initiatives; and

3. Operationalize the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s (TRC's) Calls to Action and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) in their organization.
Jane/Finch Community and Family CentreAdult EducationTorontoON 202033000The Equitable Planning Toolbox project is a set of community-driven education tools to support marginalized communities in taking control over land use decisions in their neighbourhoods and promote equity. Jane Finch Community and Family Centre’s goal is to help residents build their understanding of planning and development, ensure deeply democratic processes, and secure concrete community benefits for their neighbourhoods.

In partnership with the Jane Finch Housing Coalition, Working Women Community Centre, Social Planning Toronto, and other allies across the city, Jane Finch Community and Family Centre will refine, test, and promote the toolkits and workshops on the ground over the next year with residents, grassroots groups, and community organizations.
Nanaimo Foodshare SocietyAdult EducationNanaimoBC202033517The Peer Connections project will focus on the development, implementation and evaluation of a peer mentorship program with and for low income elders and elders with disabilities in Nanaimo, British Columbia that focuses on addressing social isolation and healthy eating (food issues)
Park PeopleAdult EducationTorontoON 202030500The Sparking Change Learning Project is a peer learning program for volunteer community leaders within marginalized neighbourhoods in Vancouver and Toronto. Park People will connect with new Canadians, women and members of underserved communities and provide them with the learning, resources and support they need to lead programs in their local parks. The program has five components: community outreach, workshops, bus tours, peer learning connections, and support of 30 community-led park events.
SEED Winnipeg Inc.Adult EducationWinnipeg MB202033000In partnership with the Manitoba Indigenous Cultural Education Centre, SEED Winnipeg will work to translate the Money Stories curriculum into Cree, Oji-Cree, or Ojibway, and engage with 10 adult Indigenous facilitators to learn, co-develop and teach Money Stories and provide Money Stories workshops to a minimum of 100 community members.
Sierra Club of British Columbia FoundationAdult EducationVictoriaBC202023000Sierra Club BC will support New Canadians (immigrant and refugee communities in BC’s lower mainland) to co-create a shared analysis of the climate crisis and generate community-based actions for climate justice through reciprocal popular education processes within community networks, drawing from lived experience and encouraging critical
Southern Stl'atl'imx Health SocietyAdult EducationMount CurrieBC202028456Sqwelsqwel'min Action Research project is guided by the question: What do families need to support their kids’ learning? Community members will guide the research process, analyze the data, and decide on next steps. All 6 phases of the project will take place in 4 Southern Stl’atl’imx communities: N’Quatqua, Samahquam, Skatin, and Xa’xtsa. This project will run alongside an existing Community Adult Learning Program that is co-delivered as a partnership between Southern Stl'atl'imx Health Society and Capilano
Tides Canada Initiatives Society - The Existence ProjectAdult EducationVancouver BC202034000The Existence Project is expanding its programming to a new constituent base comprised primarily of women with lived experience of homelessness (LEOH) and to collaboratively deliver the implementation of a city wide, LEOH peer-led anti-stigma storytelling
eDemocracy Research Foundation (Elephant in the Room Communications)EnvironmentVancouver BC202040000The Carbon Budget Project is a partnership between eDemocracy Solutions and Elephant in the Room Communications to facilitate fair and inclusive public engagement for climate emergency planning processes working with local governments and community organizations. The online engagement process is powered by Ethelo Decisions, the sister organization of eDemocracy Solutions.
Ryerson University Leadership Lab (Future Majority )EnvironmentTorontoON202050000The Movement Capacity Building with Suburban and Rural Youth project will drive action on the climate crisis using peer-to-peer organizing and digital engagement to educate hundreds of thousands of rural and suburban youth throughout Canada to dramatically increase young Canadians’ capacity to set the agenda on the climate emergency in the next federal
The Sustainability Institute of Canada (GreenPAC)EnvironmentTorontoON202025000The Everyday Advocates project will expand the capacity of its newly created national network of engaged community organizers. This mobilization will, in turn, foster environmental leadership and accountability in federal politics, and strengthen the environmental sector’s capacity to create meaningful policy changes.
Small Change Fund (Wellington Water Watchers)EnvironmentTorontoON202030000Funding is to support the People’s Water Campaign as they set an agenda for Ontario that ensures Water is for Life, not for Profit! The People’s Water Campaign will
• Put forward and coordinate action on an inclusive, province-wide set of demands
• Consult on a Water Justice Declaration that benefits all communities working to achieve water justice in Ontario to set out long term goals on water protection in Ontario.
Circle Community LandTrust (Wigwamen Incorporated)HousingTorontoON 202036000The Circle Community LandTrust was formed to preserve and invest in 730 homes now owned by Toronto Community Housing, but under perpetual risk of being sold off. The goal of this project is to assume ownership of these homes, bring them to a state of good repair, keep them affordable for low-income tenants, and manage them as specialists in scattered-unit
Outflow Ministry Inc.HousingSaint JohnNB202015000The purpose of City of Refuge is to help people experiencing homelessness to find safe and affordable housing and to maintain their housing. The City of Refuge project will seek to represent the needs of people who are homeless now or at risk of homelessness to government officials across jurisdictions, provide leadership in the local chapter of the Built for Zero initiative, and provide leadership in the creation and administration of a HIFIS governance committee.Outflow Ministry Inc.
The Jubilee Fund Inc.HousingWinnipegMB202030000Jubilee Fund is a non-profit lender of last resort to poverty reduction projects throughout Manitoba. By lending organizations funds, they build credit and assets so in the future they have access to traditional lending. One of Jubilee Fund’s three main lending focuses is low-income housing. Funding is to support operating
Yonge Street MissionHousingTorontoON 202030000The Education CI initiative will identify and address the key barriers to education and create a new approach– designed for and by the youth themselves - as they work to become financially stable and securely housed. The project will draw on the guidance of youth leaders with lived experience of homelessness to develop curriculum with an emphasis on experiential learning principles that address the barriers they
ExekoAdult EducationMontreal QC201925000Funding is to support the scaling out and deepening of the Power Shift project. Exeko will continue to develop new workshop content and tools relating to critical analysis of social, political and economic structures, social norms and marginalization. The aim is to build strong frames for their workshops, leaving enough room for co-creation with participants.
Indigenous Family Centre (Christian Reformed Church of North America)Adult EducationWinnipegMB201930000Funding will support the At the Heart of the Matter: Stories of Home and Community project, in which ten Indigenous and ten non-Indigenous participants in the North End neighbourhood of Winnipeg explore significant life experiences on the theme of Home and Community through the lens of story. There will be multiple entry points into storytelling using traditional and contemporary art forms such as beading, fabric art, building a pinhole camera, photo/audio walkabouts, stencil print-making, and digital storytelling.
LI- The Leadership Institute DBA HollyhockAdult EducationManson's LandingBC201920000Funding is to support Run for Office - a 5-day political training intensive aimed at lifting marginalized communities traditionally excluded from the political process. The vision is to take a values-based approach, reaching beyond partisan politics, to build capacity of candidates from under-represented communities, and in turn deepen the pool of progressive candidates. It is The Leadership Institute's belief that in doing so they will fundamentally shift politics and public policy in
Maple Leaf Theatre for Social ResponsibilityAdult EducationTorontoON201925545Funding is to support Ending the Silence - a collaborative artistic initiative to promote learning, dialogue, and healing among newcomer/refugee/non-status women identifying as survivors of violence. This project will use Forum Theatre based learning to engage 180 women from South Asia, the Middle East, and East Africa in 2 Toronto neighborhoods. It will create a safe, accessible space for survivors to speak up against violence, find solutions/ways to respond to it, and build leadership to support other
Rwanda Social Services and Family Counsellling Adult EducationOttawaON201925000This project addresses anti-black racism in Ottawa, working closely with immigrants and refugees from several African countries, many of whom are fleeing conflict and discrimination. Funding will support facilitating workshops, including the Women Victims' Group and Seniors' Group, along with other African immigrant community groups in awareness-raising, discussion of their experiences, and exploring actions that can be taken both individually and collectively to combat the problem in a constructive manner.
The 519Adult EducationTorontoON201930000Funding is to support the Stories from Home project focused on challenging misconceptions of marginalized residents/neighbourhoods in Toronto’s gentrifying downtown east (Regent Park, St Jamestown) through story telling, theatre, and place making. Includes a series of theatre and story telling workshops for 120 participants. Storytelling workshops culminate in the creation of plaques installed at places in which narratives written by participants take
TTCriders (Small Change Fund)Adult EducationTorontoON201935000Funding is to support the Neighbourhood Transit Organizers Leadership Program - a training and leadership development program for transit riders with poor transit and employment access. Leaders will mobilize participants within their own neighbourhoods (i.e. Scarborough and South Etobicoke) to develop action plans and civic engagement. Participants will identify transit issues affecting their lives, learn strategies and skills to take action for change, and receive mentorship and support to develop and carry out a work plan. Funding will support program costs, honoraria for 8 participants, and TTCriders, and Small Change Fund staff time to carry out this work.
All-Together Affordable Housing CorporationHousing Belleville ON201950000All-Together has partnered with Springdale Developments to create 32 more affordable housing units, with an eventual goal of bringing 100+ units under the umbrella of the Quinte Community and Housing First Partnership. The Partnership recognizes the pivotal role of the private sector housing market in creating safe, affordable homes for some of Belleville's most vulnerable communities. The Partnership also details the critical role and responsibilities played by 6 local community agencies in providing support for vulnerable persons living with a diverse range of challenges. Funding is for $25,000 per year for two
Elizabeth Fry Society of Northwestern OntarioHousing Thunder BayON201924000This Planning & Development project aims to achieve systemic change over the long term in the form of: preventing homelessness in Thunder Bay among marginalized and vulnerable women; reducing or eliminating recidivism; identifying the systemic barriers that prevent women from obtaining adequate housing and creating policy change that reduces those barriers.
Habitat for Humanity CanadaHousing TorontoON201950000Funding is to support the Building Futures – Indigenous Youth Trade Skills Training project which will engage Indigenous youth from remote communities in learning construction and leadership skills. The project will: build skills allowing participants to return home to retrofit and repair homes; empower Indigenous youth to develop themselves and their communities; and develop creative approaches to partnering with remote Indigenous communities to improve their housing conditions.
Halifax Refugee Clinic AssociationHousing Halifax NS201970000The Community Action on Eliminating Housing Barriers for Refugee Claimants project implements a Housing First model of intervention with a client-driven, inclusive, trauma-informed approach. First, focusing on conducting research to complete housing resource mapping resulting in the creation of an accessible and language appropriate Housing Resource Guide. Second, fostering welcoming communities through the creation of a Housing Network which brings the public and private housing sectors together, including offering educational workshops to housing and shelter service providers so they are better informed about the housing needs and eligibility of refugee claimants. Third, reducing housing related stress through access to a housing support staff member, including after hours and emergency support. Funding is for $35,000 per year for two
Bedford House (Greenwood United Church)Adult EducationPeterboroughON201930000In partnership with Greenwood United Church, the Building Bridges out of Poverty Teams project will scale the Bridging Teams model as a means of addressing poverty in Peterborough through mentorships, community building, co-learning and mutual support. This project aims to train 10 under-resourced community members to become co-facilitators of Bridging Teams
Carrefour d'animation et de participation a un monde ouvertAdult EducationQuebecQC201914000The Social Mobilization for Fair Transit Fares in Quebec City project will mobilize low-income citizens and organizations in Quebec City with a collective effort for a low-income public transit fare. The funding will support the planning of three workshops, two pop-up interactive actions at metro stations, deputations at municipal meetings, and general meetings with at least 12 organizations taking part. They are building community around the cross-cutting issue of transportation.
IndigenEYEZ - a project of Tides Canada Initiatives SocietyAdult EducationVancouverBC201924000The Snaqsilxw IndigenEYEZing Adult Education for Leadership on Social-Ecological Justice project of Tides Canada Initiatives Society will engage 25-30 emerging Indigenous leaders and 10-20 educators, facilitators, and allies in an 8-month participatory action research course, leading to action projects in their respective communities. Participants will explore social and environmental justice through dialogue, learning, and action-reflection cycles. Participants will come together for a 7-week land-based intensive - an experiential, adult education, facilitated process and to form action groups.
KAIROS: Canadian Ecumenical Justice InitiativesAdult EducationTorontoON201919000The Strengthening Capacity of Migrant Workers to Exercise Their Rights project focuses on capacity building with migrant workers by raising awareness about the various legal rights and frameworks that protect them through workshops. They plan 11 workshops across Canada, using participatory adult education methods including interactive exercises, discussion circles, and storytelling with 20-25 migrant
RAVEN (Respecting Aboriginal Values and Environmental Needs)Adult EducationVictoriaBC201915000Funding will support the content development for Phase 2 of a larger 3- year adult education program tentatively called Curious Canadians—targeting conscious Canadians—which aims to help increase Canadians’ understanding of reconciliation issues and advance the idea that Indigenous Peoples should have equal access to justice and to the courts.
Roots to Harvest (Roots to Harvest)Adult EducationThunder BayON201929000The SHOW program will engage marginalized young adults from Indigenous, newcomer and low-income communities in ecological agriculture and local food systems.
The Canadian Council of ChurchesAdult EducationTorontoON201928000The From Charity and Justice to Service project will engage a network of 250 strategic intercultural leaders in churches across Canada to deepen their learning on the role faith in ending poverty in Canada. The aim is that these “intercultural change leaders’ can reflect critically and then go back and lead projects in their church and community.
The Stop Community Food CentreAdult EducationTorontoON201919000The Financial Empowerment and Economic Justice Program engages low-income community members in weekly participatory workshops to explore micro and macro-economic issues. Members of the program will receive coaching and training, developing advocacy skills such as making deputations and writing press releases.
John Humphrey Centre for Peace and Human RightsAdult EducationEdmontonAB201830000Shift Alberta 2019 is a community mobilization and education campaign across Alberta to provide informed and critical political, social and economic analysis as we lead into a critical provincial election. Our goal is to bring the voice and perspective of marginalized communities to the table and to inform the
Liard Aboriginal Women's SocietyAdult EducationWatson LakeYK201825500The LAWS Mothers of the Land Gathering sponsored by Catherine Donnelly Foundation in May 2018 demonstrated a lack of resources and emphasized the need to continue to support communities with scientific information and support Kaska traditional knowledge transfer on land based issues. This application is for a second
MABELLEartsAdult EducationTorontoON201830000Community Roots is a timely initiative that brings impactful arts-based leadership opportunities to three low-income, inner-suburban Toronto neigbourhoods. By utilizing community-engaged arts as a participatory research and engagement strategy, community members will access training and on-the ground learning opportunities, combined with unique opportunities to engage and foster community involvement and civic engagement among newcomers, refugees and asylum
Myths and Mirrors Community ArtsAdult EducationSudburyON201835000Myths and Mirrors will partner with Better Beginnings Better Futures on The Circling Project which will develop and nurture support circles to lay the groundwork for developing strategies and projects to protect each other from hate, to challenge hate movements and to become effective
Tides Canada Initiatives - The Existence ProjectAdult EducationVictoriaBC201830000Funding would support one year of The Existence Project workshop, which is offered to up to 80 people with a lived experience of homelessness aged 18-80, using the services provided by Anawim House. We employ a storyteller as the starting point for guided creative reflection that encourages participants to share their perspectives on the social issues that affect their day-to-day lives. This powerful group process that includes socially minded artists, students and community ally's has proven successful in transforming the debilitating shame and isolation of past traumas and current circumstances into dignity and connection to
Community Forests InternationalEnvironmentSackvilleNB201845550Funding will support the first phase of the Climate Forest Parternship project which aims support the creation of community-owned climate forests that secure and aggregate threatened private lands through collective local ownership; addressing socio-economic, reconciliation, and environmental challenges. Year one activities include: conducting meetings, focus groups, and interviews with stakeholders; determining participatory ownership and governance structures; implementing governance structures and business models; and building a National Climate Forest
National Observer (Observer Media Group)EnvironmentVancouverBC201815000Funding is in support of First Nations Forward—Phase 2 which will see the production and publication of 10+ articles/multimedia pieces by the team at National Observer—independent investigative journalists. They will collaborate first and foremost with Indigenous communities in BC in order to bring compelling stories about Indigenous peoples and the environment into the mainstream. This project follows on the experience of the reporting series entitled First Nations: The 21st Century’s Stewards of Land and Water, which published 27 multimedia stories between November 2017 and May
Regeneration CanadaEnvironmentMontrealQC201820000This project will highlight regenerative farmers through a series of short videos, in order to educate the general public about the importance of healthy soils as one of Canada’s most overlooked and underutilized climate change solutions. Public education is critical to drive demand for products that contribute to climate mitigation. The project will highlight the important role of farmers in Canada’s climate mitigation strategies to federal policy-makers. Ultimately leading to increased adoption rates of regenerative practices that support a more carbon neutral agriculture sector across
West Coast Environmental LawEnvironmentVancouverBC201850000Funding is to support the Revitalizing Indigenous Law for Land, Air and Water (RELAW) project of West Coast Environmental Law that provides co-learning opportunities and legal support to Indigenous nations using their own laws to address environmental challenges facing their territories, and to help secure lasting environmental and cultural
Aboriginal Coalition to End HomelessnessHousingVictoriaBC201832263The ACEH in partnership with BC Housing and Vancouver’s Atira Women’s Resources Society will open 21 units of modular housing for Indigenous women, many of whom are fleeing violence. This project will build upon the successes and learnings from the Priority One pilot program where 20 of the city’s most at risk and vulnerable are housed in a new model of culturally supportive housing. The goal is to tailor the new culturally supportive housing model with long-term goals to replicate the model Vancouver Island wide, while drawing on Indigenous worldview, values and
Canada Without PovertyHousingOttawaON201810000CWP is deeply engaged in advancing the relationship between housing and human rights at the national level in Canada. Our projects around homelessness, housing, and human rights address the root structural causes of homelessness and grossly inadequate housing (which leads to homelessness) as both cases and consequences of poverty. Their programming centred on housing and homelessness focuses on human rights-based policy and legislative development, legal advocacy, and
Ecotrust CanadaHousingVancouverBC201820000Funding is to support the second phase of the Standing Tree to Standing Home project. The aim of the project is to support the building of dignified, culturally appropriate and sustainable housing with Indigenous communities. This grant is to carry out ongoing engagement and capacity building work with thier community partners, and to further refine and more widely disseminate a comprehensive housing system baseline assessment framework with Indigenous communities across
Outflow Ministry Inc.HousingSaint JohnNB201825575Outflow Ministry has front-line experience as a shelter provider. With this proposal they will build on their extensive knowledge to advocate for affordable housing in Saint John - both as a test-city for the national poverty reduction strategy and to inform the city's new community planning process. They will lead in the
ExekoAdult EducationMontrealQC201824500Through the Powershift project, Exeko will develop new content and tools for adult education workshops. Workshop will take place in shelters, Aboriginal communities, schools, and on the streets with homeless through their idAction Mobile (mobile van). Exeko will share learnings with workshop facilitators and participants. The aim of this project is to provide support to participants experiencing situations of social exclusion, as well as our facilitators, and our
Innovative Young Indigenous Leaders (Tides Canada Initiatives)
Adult EducationVancouverBC201818660Funding will support the "Innovative Young Indigenous Leaders Symposium" which is a four day gathering that brings together 75 young Indigenous leaders from around BC for discussion aimed at creating change for their communities. Beyond the symposium, Innovative Young Indigenous Leaders are fostering a network intent on creating movements toward social transformation within their communities.
Maple Leaf Theatre for Social Responsibility Adult EducationTorontoON201824400This Theatre for Integration project will create a platform for 360 members of Toronto’s marginalized Middle-Eastern Newcomer/Refugee communities to engage in artistic expression workshops and have their voice heard, create a script telling the story of their struggles/challenges as New Canadians and learn and develop solutions to these social /personal challenges using Forum Theatre. The majority of participants are low-income, marginalized, with limited access to employment/health initiatives.
Nevy’s Language for Lower Levels (Afghan Women’s Counseling and Integration Community Support Organization)Adult EducationNorth YorkON201823000Funding will support the "From Seclusion to Full Contribution" project of Nevy’s Language for Lower Levels in partnership with Afghan Women’s Counselling and Integration Community Support Organization. The aim of this project is to provide language learning and provide a space for participants to bind together as a team to democratically tackle a problem they all share. The project develops leadership, communication, and organizational
Together Against Poverty Society Adult EducationVictoriaBC201810000In 2017 TABS received funding to create the Victoria Tenants Advocacy Group (VTAG) with the goal of educating and empowering adult renters to become a public voice for tenancy rights and reform. This additional support will allow TAPS to fully transfer control of the new group to its membership and away from staff.
Indigenous Climate Action (Sierra Club BC) Environment VictoriaBC201845550Funding will support Indigenous Climate Action (ICA) to develop tools and resources that implement a rights framework and center Indigenous peoples as agents of changes for climate justice. ICA have a three year strategy to empower Indigenous climate change leaders.
School for Social Entrepreneurs Ontario (Tides Canada Initiatives Society)Environment TorontoON201834444Funding is to support the Social Entrepreneurial Leaders Engaging Communities for Transition (SELECT) Program which builds the capacity of organizers from racialized and marginalized communities to lead climate focused work. Participants are trained on climate justice concepts, GHG impacts and evidence-informed communications tools. Participants are supported to develop initiatives that engage their communities in climate solutions, and access coaching and funding to apply their learnings through implementing a project.
College of Law, University of SaskatchewanAdult EducationSaskatoonSK201725850 The College of Law will be offering a law program to 25 students in Iqaluit, commencing in September 2017. The proposed project will involve the 25 students in the program working with the cultural facilitator to identify groups in Iqaluit who have a justice-related question, issue, or concern. The aim of this project is to provide students and community members with the opportunity for a transformative learning experience that will shape the students in the remaining years of their law degree program and in their future professional lives, as well as provide a platform for community members and groups to share their knowledge and take part in shaping the future of the legal system and access to justice in Nunavut.
Commitment TO Community (Social Planning Toronto)Adult EducationTorontoON201735742Through this project, the Commitment TO Community coalition will increase the capacity and influence of marginalized residents from eight Toronto neighbourhoods through a collective process of community visioning, advocacy skills training, and engagement with municipal decision-makers on residents' public policy priorities. A key outcome in the project will be the development and strengthening of a network of neighbourhood-level resident groups that will have capacity to communicate their needs to government decision-makers, and to secure additional resources in high-need neighbourhoods.
Mi'kmaw Native Friendship CentreAdult EducationHalifax NS201728000As a follow-up to the project, This Is What I Wish You Knew, participants will create, develop and perform an ethnodrama and public forum examining the real life experiences of Indigenous people in urban centres. The aim is to give an authentic voice to these stories, publicly acknowledging the harm and injustices suffered by Indigenous Canadians in the past, and engage in dialogue and visioning with the wider multicultural communities, fostering healing and positive steps forward. They also plan to produce a documentary film of the events and audience Q&A for educational purposes.
Theatre for Living SocietyAdult EducationVancouver BC201726000šxʷʔam̓ət (home) was created and performed by a mixed Indigenous/non-Indigenous cast in 2017. Because of it's success, it will now tour to 22 communities across BC and Alberta (co-hosted with collaborating local community organizations), plus another 9 shows in Vancouver. The play is Forum Theatre - it builds to a crisis and stops. Performing the play a second time, the audience can stop the action, enter the play, and work towards reconciliation, on the ground, where it really exists. The process is deeply transformative at personal and community levels. Closing night will be a global, interactive webcast and high quality
United Church Downtown Mission Windsor Inc.Adult EducationWindsor ON201718900The Downtown Mission’s Peer Leadership and Advocacy Network (PLAN) is a 10-week program to strengthen the leadership and advocacy capacity of people who experience poverty, homelessness, and/or other forms of oppression and marginalization. Curriculum content will be co-created with participants. PLAN will provide an opportunity for peers who have experienced various forms of oppression and marginalization to connect, learn from each other, and develop critical consciousness about their experiences. The recruitment process will prioritize bringing together people representing the groups that are disproportionately affected by poverty and homelessness (e.g., Indigenous peoples, women, people with disabilities, people who are racialized, and New Canadians). The curriculum will incorporate the types of skills and training opportunities that people need to work collectively to effect social, political and economic
Dogwood (Salal)Environment Victoria BC201725000Dogwood is the largest non-partisan citizen action network in British Columbia. Dogwood is the only Canadian partner in the Power Past Coal coalition, a thin green line of carbon resistance that has delayed new coal port approvals across the Pacific Coast since 2012. Their goal is to defeat the Fraser Surrey Docks proposal to transship U.S. thermal coal and prevent further expansion of coal export infrastructure in B.C. In partnership with Salal Foundation, funding for Dogwood is to support the mobilization of supporters to organize British Columbians in support of a levy on thermal coal
Shift (Tides Canada)Environment VancouverBC201715000Funding is to support the project Action for Pension Wealth & Planet Health—a new initiative bringing together and educating pension fund beneficiaries, influencers and fund leaders to shift investment priorities to minimize climate risks and tap opportunities in a low-carbon economy. Shift, a project of Tides Canada Initiatives Society will support pension beneficiaries, leverage influencers, create dialogue and raise awareness to ensure pension funds commit to action that maintains performance while reducing climate risks and impact.
The Pembina Foundation (Iron & Earth)Environment CalgaryAB201735000Iron & Earth in partnership with The Pembina Foundation is conducting the Solar Skills Campaign to up-skill 1,000 former oil and gas workers into the solar industry. Funding from CDF is to support the delivery of a training program for10 selected trainees (representing different demographics). Working with the Louis Bull Tribe, they will install a field mounted solar energy installation in the field of their community K-9 school. The project will be recorded using high quality media, which will be used in a digital media campaign that highlights the success of their project, increasing public support, and building momentum for future
WWF-CanadaEnvironment TorontoON201725000Funding is to support WWF’s Community Voices program, which aims to safeguard wildlife and traditional Inuit ways of life threatened by climate change and increasing industrial development. They co-create an action plan that facilitates Indigenous-led organizations to strategically and effectively participate in regulatory processes through engagement and the provision of pro-bono support from WWF-Canada in the form of legal and technical
Choices for YouthHousing St John’sNL201720900Funding for Choices for Youth will support the creation of an expert working group on youth homelessness and host a conference that together will generate a clear understanding of how best to serve at-risk and homeless youth across Newfoundland and Labrador. With a focus on prevention and innovative approaches to serving rural and remote communities, the results of these discussions will be an important resource not only in the province, but also nationally and
Somerset West Community Health CentreHousing OttawaON201723000Somerset West Community Health Centre has initiated a project to address gentrification in Ottawa’s West Centretown with the goal to protect the area’s diversity, affordability and inclusivity. With this project they will conduct a feasibility study to retain/increase rooming houses in West Centretown using a non-profit model, including assessing the financial feasibility of purchasing rooming houses and/or properties to be developed as rooming houses, and developing a plan to integrate on-site support services for
The Tyee (Columbia Institute)Housing Vancouver BC201730000Building on the success, of the previously funded Housing Fix project, the Tyee is entering the next phase of this national reporting project, which asks ‘What’s the Holdup?’ This is an independent media/communications project using solutions-focused journalism, including: twelve stories from a Toronto-based journalist focusing on emerging urban housing challenges and solutions, with emphasis on national approaches to access and affordability; six reports from Jay Pitter on her Community Conversations project, which explores new models of public housing in Toronto, Montreal, Eabametoong First Nation, Winnipeg, Halifax, Edmonton, Vancouver, and potentially Iqaluit and Saskatoon; and a community engagement event in
Bedford House Community MinistryAdult EducationPeterboroughON201725000Funding will support the Bridges Out of Poverty framework (at work in over 370 communities across North America) as part of a city-wide effort to reduce poverty and build relationships across class, faith, and social divides. The project includes two parallel adult education programs.1) For people living in poverty, where participants become "investigators" of their particular context and challenges and develop strate-gies and a Life Plan. 2) For middle and upper-income people, trained to play a sup-port role through a Mentorship Training Program, to act as allies. After training, these two groups meet in confidential support teams, called Bridging Teams.
CommunityWise Resource CentreAdult EducationCalgaryAB201717200Funding will support the second phase of Community Wise Resource Centre's Anti-Racist Organizational Change (AROC) process. This includes the development and facilitation of their Advisory and Working Groups. The goal is to ensure that AROC's adult education framework is retained and further strengthened.
Downtown Eastside Women's Centre AssociationAdult EducationVancouverBC201720000Funding will support the Power of Women project, a social justice collective of women, many of whom are poor, racialized, Indigenous, and/or homeless. Partici-pants will identify areas of concern and create a plan of action by determining their goals. As the women of the group build their leadership capacity, they will also seek out opportunities for meetings with local groups and individuals to educate or influ-ence social change as well as participate in community action. The project will facili-tate women in the DTES building their capacity and understanding of decision-making processes, and telling their stories to garner public support for policy change.
Liard Aboriginal Women's SocietyAdult EducationWatson LakeYT201749500Funding will support "The Mothers of the Land Gathering" which will occur over three days in 2017. Participants involved will include Kaska citizens and Elders from each of the Kaska communities, allied organizations, and facilitators with similar interests. The event will include dialogues on the traditional principals and spirituality of land stewardship, discussions on is-sues of land use and resource extraction on traditional lands, and forums to develop consen-sus on critical issues and social action strategies.
Montreal City MissionAdult EducationMontrealQC201720000Funding will support the Women Weaving Their Dreams program which will bring together Syrian and other refugee women through workshops that aim to create a safe space to ex-press their feelings of loss and grief, articulate the challenges in their new context, and their dreams for the future. Once a network has been formed through sharing, mutual support, and empowerment, participants will be ready for the next phase which will focus on economic participation and the skills needed to either join the workforce, create one's own small busi-ness or engage actively in volunteer work.
North York Community House (NYCH)Adult EducationTorontoON201730000Democracy Talks 2.0 will engage 90 newcomers, immigrants and racialized low-income resi-dents over 5 months, in a series of experiential adult education workshops and practicum activities aimed to strengthen participants' voices and and inspire the possibility of change for themselves and their communities. Democracy Talks is an independently evaluated and suc-cessful program developed by Samara Canada, in collaboration with North York Community House and other community agencies.
Discourse MediaEnvironment VancouverBC201730000Funding will support Discourse Media as they seek to deepen their innovative and inves-tigative reporting on climate change and climate justice in Indigenous communities in BC. They will report on how aboriginal communities are impacted by industrial development, particularly proposed energy developments in BC. Discourse will address the issue of "news poverty" in remote communities by doing reporting based on the expressed needs of local communities, and building local reporting capacity through fellowships and train-ing focused on "solutions journalism" - reporting in the public interest.
Ecology Action CentreEnvironment HalifaxNS201724150Funding is to support the Climate Jobs Roundtables Initiative which will engage marginal-ized communities around Nova Scotia in conversations about climate jobs. Ecology Ac-tion Centre will host roundtables in four marginalized communities, with an ambassador for each community who will partner to organize the roundtable according to each com-munity's unique needs, and building relationships beyond the project. Outcomes include a public document outlining: policy recommendations to increase climate jobs; skills and training opportunities; and awareness shifting tools.
Pembina FoundationEnvironment CalgaryAB201724150Funding is to support the Mikisew Cree First Nation and The Pembina Foundation in a joint initiative to coordinate and strengthen the First Nations and ENGO caucus to en-sure toxic tailings in Alberta's oilsands are quickly and effectively removed from the land-scape. This initiative will provide the opportunity to share perspectives, pool technical expertise and traditional ecological knowledge, and develop strategy within the caucus to ensure outcomes are aligned with long-term environmental and social justice.
Sierra Club of British Columbia FoundationEnvironment VictoriaBC201721700Funding is to support Sierra Club BC's Pull Together campaign to mobilize grassroots community support for First Nations' legal challenges opposing Kinder Morgan's tar sands pipeline and tankers proposal, through: public education; compelling, story-based communications; amplifying Indigenous voices; distributed grassroots organizing; catalys-ing business voices; and underscoring reconciliation as a key component of climate jus-tice.
Ecotrust CanadaHousing VancouverBC201735000Funding will support the first year of the Tree to Home:Building Cultural Foundationsprogram to build a new ap-proach to housing with Indigenous communities. It aims to improve the economic, social, cultural and ecological well-being of communities through the development of a commu-nity directed and driven housing sector. At the end of the project they will have set the stage to implement pilots in a select number of First Nations communities, and estab-lished templates for others to follow, thereby creating the critical path for enabling this work over the next 5 years.
Parkdale Neighbourhood Land TrustHousing TorontoON201724500In collaboration with Parkdale Activity Recreation Centre (PARC), PNLT will acquire a 17 unit at-risk rooming house and creation of a demonstration project. PNLT will own the property in trust, with PARC as a supportive housing operating partner to ensure long-term affordability. The project will create a replicable model and feasibility studies for three additional at-risk or vacant rooming houses in Parkdale.
Victoria Cool Aid SocietyHousing Victoria BC201718000The Victoria Cool Aid Society, Aboriginal Coalition to End Homelessness and Vancouver Island Health Authority are partnering to create and pilot a culturally-specific approach to Aboriginal homelessness in Greater Victoria, that will ultimately serve to inform leading practice and advance systems-change and lasting solutions to prevent and end homeless-ness of Indigenous Peoples. The goal of the project is not only to assist homeless Aborigi-nal individuals in securing and maintaining housing but more so, to offer holistic services within a cultural context to reinforce health and well-being, and improve connection with family/community.
Raising the RoofHousing TorontoON201625000Provided funds will go to support the ongoing work of The Upstream Project. This initiative is adapting a youth homelessness prevention strategy that originates in Australia, in order to develop knowledge & resources to support communities and government with planning school-based youth homelessness prevention strategies.
Conservation Council of New BrunswickAdult EducationFrederictonNB201612500Funding will support Growing Tula's Farm Leaders, a training program for newcomers to assist them in learning about sustainable agricultural practices and the farming sector in Canada. The program will take a strong focus on developing leadership and interpersonal skills among participants, including demonstrating a commitment to social justice. The organization will make links between education, sustainable agriculture, and environment issues. This initiative will collaborate with the Multicultural Association of Fredericton.
FCJ Refugee CentreAdult EducationTorontoON201620000Refugee Women Count project will engage refugee women and women with precarious immigration status to enhance knowledge and skills, as well as increase the participation of newcomer women in Canadian society. The project will have a peer-mentoring component, train-the-trainer methodologies and participants will take leadership roles in the program. Workshops will be organized on topics requested by participants, as well as educational sessions on rights, responsibilities and settlement process. The project will build a safe space for newcomer women to bring forward their experiences and their concerns regarding their new lives in Canada.
Industrial Areas Foundation Canada Adult EducationVancouverBC201627500Funding will support the creation of new and updated training curriculum and foster leadership skills for member organizations of two alliances: the Metro Vancouver Alliance and the Greater Victoria Acting Together. This funding will help to develop greater capacity of civil society groups and enhance issues of diversity and relationship building with Indigenous communities. The new training content will focus on affordable housing, climate change and First Nations Peoples. Project will seek to engage with over 100 groups and 350,000 members.
Justicia for Migrant WorkersAdult EducationToronto ON201620000Migrant Workers Adult Advancement Education and Leadership Development in Southern Ontario project will work with migrant workers in Southern Ontario to bring forward their experiences, knowledge, concerns and demands for systemic solutions to the issues they face while living and working in Canada. The project will outreach to migrant workers across rural communities, mainly those employed in the agricultural sector. Funding will support the development a series of workshops and an educational process to identify issues of collective concern, help migrant workers exercise their rights and build leadership. The project also aspires to create linkages with food justice organizations.
Theatre for Living Society Adult EducationVancouverBC201630000Funding will support an arts-based forum theatre interactive performance experience, to bring forward ideas and reflections on the Reconciliation process with Indigenous Peoples. There will be multiple public performances and a live global webcast. The Homeproject will have guidance from an Indigenous Associate Director, and the cast will include Indigenous and Non-Indigenous participants. The performance will also be accessible for those living in poverty. This initiative seeks to make a profound cultural shift on the issue of reconciliation and understanding of the negative legacy of colonization.
Together Against Poverty Society - TAPSAdult EducationVictoriaBC201610000This project will support the creation of a Renters Rights Action Group for diverse low-income residents of Victoria. Funding will support a core group of community leaders that will engage in visioning exercises to develop the terms of reference and goals of the renter's action group. The project will also consist of larger outreach to residents, engagement in educational presentations and other activities planned by the group in a supportive learning environment.
Workers' Action CentreAdult EducationTorontoON201637000Education for Change: Transforming Our Labour Laws project seeks to build the leadership capacity of workers and engage them in transforming labour laws through the current Ontario Ministry of Labour Changing Workplace Review. Funding will support a popular education and community organizing process with workers from across Toronto who have experienced precarious employment conditions, and want to bring forward progressive changes to employment laws in Ontario. Project participants will be for the most part women and people of immigrant background who have faced workers' rights violations.
GreenLearningEnvironment Drayton ValleyAB201623250A National Youth Dialogue on Climate Change project will work with youth from across Canada in a national dialogue process to examine climate change in their communities, engage with government stakeholders, and initiate climate action youth projects. This initiative seeks to develop a critical mass of young leaders to take progressive action towards climate change. It aims to develop capacity, tools and resources for teachers and students to participate in climate change education, and establish a platform for youth to be proactive by taking action and proposing solutions.
Indigenous Network on Economies and Trade Environment ChaseBC201625000Secwepemc Trans-mountain Oversight Plenary project seeks to elevate Indigenous land rights in the movement for climate justice for the Secwepemc people. The project will research, educate, organize and report back on the impact of the proposed expansion of the Kinder Morgan Pipeline. The project will include a Secwepemc-led analysis of the proposed expansion, a popular education campaign throughout different communities, a two-day people's assembly and a report disseminated to Indigenous communities, decision makers and the general public. This project is an effort to address both action to fight climate change and to support reconciliation efforts with Indigenous Peoples.
Stand (Salal)Environment VancouverBC201630000Funding for #Dear Justin Social Media Campaign will be directed to organizing a communications and social media campaign to push for bolder action on climate change. The project will engage with diverse communities and leaders, many marginalized from mainstream discussions and give them a platform to share their views, concerns and solutions. A set of thematic videos will be produced and shared on social media. The public will also be invited to upload videos to express their views. This project aims to respond to the government's discourse and their emission targets, versus real action on climate change in order to ensure Canada meets its international commitments.
Atira Women's Resource SocietyHousing VancouverBC201610000This Intergenerational Mentorship program promotes mentor-peer relations between women from different age groups and generations who live in two housing settings. The mentoring helps increase women's trust, confidence, support networks, and promote knowledge sharing. Project participants have faced systemic and personal challenges, including involvement in the foster care system, the legacy of residential schools and experiences of violence and trauma. The project builds bonds and skills through monthly program activities, and embraces First Nations cultural traditions and knowledge.
Nelson CARES SocietyHousing NelsonBC201630000Funding will go to support the implementation of Ready for Home, a program that follows a Housing First model of intervention to support a homeless population. The project will take a client-driven approach that focuses on housing stabilization, life skills, access community services, income and employment supports. This initiative aims to stop the cycle of homelessness and works to create individualized development plans for vulnerable clients.
Partners for Youth Inc.Housing FrederictonNB201610000Funding will support the overall operations of Safe Harbour House, a transitional shelter and program for youth. This is a 10-bed facility and the only emergency and transitional program available for youth in southern New Brunswick. Safe Harbour will operate through a Housing First Model and there will be intensive case management support services, including mental health, education/career guidance and addictions counselling.
Social Planning Council of SudburyHousing SudburyON201637100This Indigenous PATH Housing First project will adapt and deliver a culturally-appropriate Housing First Program for 25 Indigenous Individuals who are homeless in Sudbury. Funding will support staff training in the PATH (Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope) process to support and empower clients exit out of homelessness. The project also plans to include an extensive evaluation and research process to validate program logic and impact results of implementing the PATH and Housing First support models.
Canadian Churches' ForumAdult EducationTorontoON 201613000Funding was provided for the Leadership Development of Engage Difference Respectfully in Refugee Settlement Support project. This project seeks to build relations with historically excluded communities in Canadian churches by developing the leadership capacity of 12 individuals of immigrant and culturally diverse backgrounds. These leaders will in turn support and engage with their own communities and foster intercultural dialogues within churches and the communities they serve.
Community Food Centres CanadaAdult EducationTorontoON 201640000Funding was provided for "Community Action Programs". This funding will seek to increase awareness of poverty and food system issues and build the leadership capacity of low-income community members to take effective action on these issues. Community advocates will help their peers navigate community supports. Funding will improve centralized support of the Community Action Program with partner organizations.
RAVEN (Respecting Aboriginal Values and Environmental Needs)Adult EducationVictoriaBC201610000Funding was provided for the "Legal Education Development" project. This initiative is focused on developing an education program that will advance the struggle for recognition of Indigenous rights and titles in the legal system. RAVEN will participate in the reconciliation process by consulting with Indigenous communities impacted by industrial development who are unaware of legal rights and remedies that address cultural, spiritual and ecological issues.
Bishari: Lowdown Tracks Impact InitiativeHousing TorontoON201615000Funding provided to the "Lowdown Tracks Community Engagement Impact Initiative". This is a project of Bishari Distribution Inc. in partnership with Place2Give Foundation and the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness. "Lowdown Tracks" is a powerful documentary film that follows the lives of a number of homeless street musicians. The documentary is being used as a community engagement tool to raise awareness of homelessness and the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness 20,000 Homes Campaign.
Raising the RoofHousing TorontoON201613000Provided funds to support the "The Upstream Project". This initiative will adapt a youth homelessness prevention strategy that originates in Australia, in order to develop knowledge & resources to support communities and government with planning school-based youth homelessness prevention strategies. Raising the Roof will partner with The RAFT and 360kids on this initiative.
Stella's Circle (Stella Burry Community Services)Housing St. John'sNL201612000Funding was provided to support the "Peer Support Program". This program will build the capacity of young women with leadership potential to work with residents and participants in Jess's Place which is a transitional housing program for women in active recovery from addiction.
The Tyee ( VancouverBC201635000Funding was granted to support the "Housing Fix 2016" project. This project builds on the work of reporting on affordable housing issues across Canada. This initiative will continue to produce solutions focused reporting on housing issues (local, regional & national). The articles will track government action on affordable housing, examine mid-rise affordable, family-friendly urban housing, aboriginal housing and the climate crisis. This initiative will also coordinate public engagement events in Vancouver.
KAIROS: Canadian Ecumenical Justice InitiativesAdult EducationTorontoON201515000Provided a grant for the "Strengthening Solidarity with Migrant Workers" project to research, pilot and deliver a new migrant justice workshop template for community building activities with migrant
Sudbury Workers Education and Advocacy CentreAdult EducationSudburyON201531000Provided a grant in support of the "Connecting Communities: Know Your Rights, Workplace and Social Education"
The Global Youth Education Network Society (genius)Adult EducationVancouverBC201546500Provided a grant for "Next Up Grow" to build capacity in the progressive social change sector in Canada and to grow an ongoing program to increase the diversity, for New Canadians, Aboriginal leaders and women and ultimately the leadership base for social and environmental justice
The Stop Community Food CentreAdult EducationTorontoON201525000Provided a grant in support of low income people engaging in change making programs at The Stop and elsewhere. This grant supports the Community Action Training component which constitutes a crucial step in becoming a community
Canadian Cancer Society, BC and YukonEnvironmentVancouverBC201518000Provided a grant in support of an Awareness and Outreach campaign for radon, a carcinogenic gas which is the leading cause of lung cancer in
Environmental Law CentreEnvironmentEdmontonAB201540000Provided a grant in support of the Environmental Bill of Rights Alberta initiative. CDF funds will cover a needs assessment and a plan/map to implement an environmental Bill of Rights in
Alliance to End Homelessness OttawaHousingOttawaON201524000Provided funds in support of A Way Home Ottawa. CDF funds will be used to convene youth and community partners to develop and implement a plan to end youth
homelessness in Ottawa.
Atira Women's Resource SocietyHousingVancouverBC20156000Provided funds in support of the Intergenerational Mentorship Program. This initiative
fosters cross-generational relationships and social inclusion based on First Nations traditions of family support and care.
Coverdale Centre for Women Inc.HousingSaint JohnNB201520000Provided funds in support of the Hope Bridge Home project that provides both independent living skills training and one-on-one supports to maintain housing
Kinbrace Community SocietyHousingVancouverBC201530000Provided funds in support of the Refugee Housing and Integration Project. CDF funds will assist 25 refugee claimants and refugees in the Metro Vancouver area to gain
permanent housing.
Siloam Mission.Inc.HousingWinnipegMB201520000Provided funds in support of Exit Up! an independent living program for aboriginal young adults (18-25) who have exited Child and Family Services. The program will enable young people to live independently with success through housing supports and capacity building (training and education)
Falls Brook CentreAdult EducationGlassvilleNB201512500The CDF provided funding for Free School, a project which will provide an alternative approach to education, focused on communal and participatory learning that encourages everyone to be both teacher and student. Held every year, 2015's theme will explore Resilience relating to environmental, economic or social
Parkdale Activity-Recreation Centre (PARC)Adult EducationTorontoON201525000Funds were provided for a one year Adult Education project to increase individual and community equity through work-earn-learn experiences for people experiencing poverty, food insecurity, health, discrimination and
SKETCH Working arts Adult EducationTorontoON201540000Funds were provided for the Courage Labs which seek to increase the capacity and cohesion of emerging community arts sector practitioners, and to create inclusion and equity within Toronto's diverse
Canadian Health and Environment Education and Research Foundation (CHEER)EnvironmentTorontoON201550000The Pesticide Ban project of the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment will work to protect human health, water systems and pollinators, through a media, mail, and informational outreach program; with the goal of mobilizing people to call for a pesticide/neonicotinoid ban first in Ontario, then spanning across
East Coast Environmental LawEnvironmentHalifaxNS201520000The CDF provided funds for the Making the Change: The Legal Right to a Healthy Environment in Atlantic Canada project which will work in partnership with Ecojustice and other networked organizations to formalize networks, and provide direct support to implement environmental rights enacted in provincial legislation in NS, NB, PEI, and
West Coast Environmental Law Research FoundationEnvironmentVancouverBC201530000The Environmental Safety Net for All Canadians project aims to generate a national conversation by researching changes to federal environmental laws and identifying their impacts, providing public legal education on the laws/their implications, making submissions to government where appropriate as well as collect pledges from voters to vote for candidates who support strong federal environmental
Choices for YouthHousingSt. John'sNFD201538000The Integrating Supportive Programming with Transitional Housing (RallyHaven) program provides transitional housing for youth facing homelessness. The proposed project would enable the organization to create an expanded program with a lens for youth to learn self-reliance and life skills as well as access trauma/counselling services, receive and maintain employment/education, and transition to stable
Northern Alberta Home for Women Society (NAHWS)HousingGrande PrairieAB201528000Funding was provided for the Aurora Home project. The program will assist women wanting to escape the dangers of street-level sex trade because they suf-fer additions in maintaining housing, safety, sobriety, and support while waiting for admittance to long-term
Alexandra Park Neighborhood Learning CentreAdult EducationTorontoON201430000Our History project seeks to include a stronger Indigenous focus in their critical literacy learning program. Funds will go to support hiring a part-time resource person to facilitate learning activities, develop learning resources and provide supports along with paying honorariums to Elders and community members to enable sharing of relevant topics (i.e. Residential schools). The project will also encompass Indigenous knowledge and teaching approaches to increase understating of Aboriginal education, history and
Lowertown Community Resource CentreAdult EducationOttawaON201433200Funding was provided for the Building Neighbourhoods Where Everyone Matters: Making Votes Count project of City for All Women Initiatives, a project that builds upon the learning from the prior project (municipal election 2014) and seeks to enhance the capacity of low-income, multi-cultural neighbourhoods to effectively engage in the upcoming 2015 election. This project is actually a collaborative initiative that has 7 community organizations working with CAWI to facilitate training, engagement and learning aimed at increasing voter turnout by creating a culture of civic engagement that make politicians become accountable to low-income
Ontario Employment and Education ResearchAdult EducationTorontoON201434457Funding was provided for the Envisioning Just Migration project of Migrant Workers Alliance for Change. This project increases the capacity of migrant workers, women, youth and elders along with front-line service providers to develop a broader analysis of immigration policy and the root causes of displacement through the collective development of a popular education module on immigration in Canada. One – two spokespeople (selected from program participants) will be invited to participate in an interfaith, intercultural dialogue that envisions just
Breast Cancer Action QuebecEnvironmentMontrealQC201440000Funding was provided for the PACT Project, Phase II: Empowering Individuals and Communities to Prevent and Act Against Cancer and Environmental Toxicants. The proposed funding will be used for an extension of the work completed in the first round of funding to engage additional communities and individuals to become activists in the elimination of toxics and carcinogens in our environment.
The project seeks to create long-term engagement with the Activist Toolkit (created with funds from the previous CDF grant) to mobilize 15 community groups, organize 15 actions, share information, continue to highlight the identified toxins, develop a communications plan, find sustainable funding sources.
David Suzuki FoundationEnvironmentTorontoON201410000Funding was provided for the Waterloo Region Right to a Healthy Environment and Blue Dot Tour. The proposed funding will be used to carry out one of five municipal campaigns that are part of the Right to a Healthy Environment Campaign this is part of the current Blue Dot Tour being carried out by the David Suzuki Foundation. The proposed project will train and activate 20 engaged citizen champions in the Waterloo region to secure the right to a healthy environment, through local "wins". The project will also build a network of partners, engage the media, meet with leaders in the aboriginal community and provincial leaders. The CDF funds will support activities in the Waterloo region only - the larger Blue Dot Tour activities will address provincial/national
Pembina Foundation for Environmental Research and EducationEnvironmentCalgaryAB201450000Funding was provided for the Building the Case for Environmental Rights in Canada project. The proposed funding will be used to document and analyze case studies of fossil fuel development and its impacts on environmental and human health in Canada. The information will be used for dissemination with the public, to inform regulatory reviews, and to the UN Human Rights Council to bring international pressure to the adoption of the Right to a Healthy Environment in Canada. The project will be carried out with pre-existing relationships between Pembina and the UN Human Rights Council, other relevant UN bodies, Dr. David Boyd, and other
Columbia Institute (in partnership with Tyee Solutions Society)HousingVancouverBC201430000Provided funds to support a year-long journalism and public engagement project, which aims to highlight policy (and other) replicable solutions to be applied in Canada and internationally. This will be achieved through public engagement activities such as public dialogues, journalism, and by building an interactive
Egale Canada Human Rights TrustHousingTorontoON201414000Funding was provided for the Egale Youth OUTreach Social Service Support Worker project. This project will provide crisis intervention and housing support for homeless LGBTQ2S youth in Toronto. The funds from CDF will specifically be used for hiring a FT Social Service Support Worker, to allow them to serve more homeless youth with inter-vention services, employment assistance, referrals, and health
Providing Alternatives Counselling and Education Society (PACE)HousingVancouverBC201413000Funds from the CDF will go towards the Transitioning & Peer Support project and will be used primarily to employ a PT TAPS Support Worker. The main projected project outcome will be to transition outdoor survival sex workers, by providing counselling and addressing root
Calgary Centre for Global CommunityAdult EducationCalgaryAB201415000Funding was provided for the "Solutionaries - Neighborhood Leadership Training" project. Participants will engage in weekly, interactive training modules where they will explore different frameworks for community development that value diversity, critical thinking and strength-based approaches to social
Community Development and Outreach Department, Capilano UniversityAdult EducationNorth VancouverBC201440000Funding was provided for the Invisible Heroes project. The Community Development and Outreach Department of Capilano University works together with communities to appreciate their strengths/assets and work with institutions, business and government to address needs they identify in a way that fosters social inclusion, particularly of those who are most
Elizabeth Fry Society of Saint John NB Inc.Adult EducationSaint JohnNB201440000Funding was provided for the Women Taking Steps Together for Wholeness and Effective Change project. The Elizabeth Fry Society of Saint John, NB assists women and girls who are criminalized, marginalized, victimized or at risk of coming into con-flict with the law. E. Fry Saint John offers numerous programs for women and girls in the community at the Saint John Regional Correctional Centre and Nova Institution for Women.
Neighborhood Information PostAdult EducationTorontoON201440000Funding was provided for the Creating Caring Communities project. The mission of the NIP is to help and empower marginalized and socially isolated people in the community by ensuring people have equitable access to quality programs and services; efficiently implementing programs that promote and maintain stability in people's lives; fostering trusting and caring relationships with community
Adsum Association for Women and ChildrenHousingHalifaxNS201425000The CDF provided funds to support the Adsum Court Project. Adsum Association runs an emergency shelter, second stage housing, and two affordable, supportive housing buildings for women and children. Additionally, Adsum rents out condominiums as stable housing fro women-led
Creating Homefulness Society - Woodwyn FarmsHousingSaanichtonBC201425000The Hand Up is project that will provide housing, work skills training, holistic health, and therapeutic environment for formerly homeless in an organic farm
Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization of Manitoba HousingWinnipegMB201435000Provided funds in support of the Community Resource Program which will serve basic needs of newcomers and refugees through assessment, workshops, supports, and referrals to enable successful
Oxford House Society of Regina (OHSA)HousingReginaSK201410000Provided funds in support of the Oxford House project which is designed to support clients in the post-recovery stage, without enabling. The focus of the project is on ending
the cycle of addiction, and fostering long-term success and sobriety.
The John Howard Society of Fredericton Inc.HousingFrederictonNB201425000Provided funds in support of the At Home and Beyond project which focuses on empowering the formerly homeless to build skills and improve quality of life. Additionally,
John Howard aims to address the root causes of homelessness, change lives, and have long-term impact
Foodshare TorontoAdult EducationTorontoON201330000Funding was provided for the Allies in Food Justice project. Using adult education participatory methods of problem solving, Allies in Food Justice will build shared understanding amongst Toronto's food organizations about racism and why food leaders need to incorporate anti-racism analysis to ensure better food access for
Mennonite New Life CentreAdult EducationTorontoON201334000Funding was provided for the Unlocking Newcomer Voices project. This initiative builds upon the tools of adult education and learning to open a dialogue about human rights in immigrant communities in Northwest Toronto. Specifically, the project focuses on the understanding and realization of human rights as a critical lens through which immigrants can view their experiences relative to citizenship and participation in democratic
Saint John Community Loan FundAdult EducationSaint JohnNB201333000Funding was provided for the Telling the Story of the Power Up! Movement project which is geared towards empowering and developing the leadership capacity of low-income women from priority neighbourhoods in Saint John, NB. The funding will go towards developing the capacity of the program by adding two important components to the existing program manual: identifying processes that are necessary before the delivery of the program, and evaluation and program
Workers' Educational AssociationAdult EducationTorontoON201350000Funding was provided for the University in the Community project. This project is aimed at expanding current programs to include a new initiative in partnership with CAMH and a small study group initiative that will focus on UiC alumni and demonstrate that learning takes place outside the classroom as well as in
Choices for YouthHousingSt. John'sNL201325000The CDF provided funds to support the Housing Development and Addiction Support Specialist. The additional staff will aid in offering individual addiction support services for youth ages 16-24 with the intention of keeping youth housed in longer term housing, increasing stability as a result and connecting youth to services that will increase their success of overcoming personal addiction
Kamloops Homelessness Action PlanHousingKamloopsBC201320333The Life Development Skills Project is a community partnership aimed at creating one stop, client centred, life skills training hub for the homeless and at-risk individuals in Kamloops. CDF funding will support the Life Skills Coordinator who will develop and coordinate client centres, housing focused life skills training and develop and coordinate
The Massey Centre for WomenHousingTorontoON201325000Provided funds in support of the New Lives Start Here project which is designed to offer ongoing support to crown wards aging out of the child protection system. This project will provide supportive housing for 10 adolescent sole support mothers who are former or current crown wards in school or
Skyworks Charitable FoundationAdult EducationTorontoON20145000Additional funding was provided for the Skyworks Newcomer Women's Leadership Project. This project is aimed at newcomer women to the Hamilton area and will use documentary filmmaking to explore their own gendered, cultural and racial identities as they relate to active citizenship & community
City for All Women Initiative (sponsor - Lowertown Community Resource Centre)Adult EducationOttawaON201323000Funding was provided for the Building Neighbourhoods Where Everyone Matters project. The intention of this project is to enable women in 5 different neighbourhoods in Ottawa to participate in the 2014 municipal elections. This will lay the groundwork for future engagement aimed at increasing civic engagement of low income residents in future
Davenport-Perth Neighborhood and Community Health CentreAdult EducationTorontoON201335250Funding was provided for the Community Reporter Pilot Project. This initiative will encourage low literacy adults to improve their writing, reading, and critical thinking skills through the creation of a blog which will be used to share thoughts and experiences as the writers participate in community
SKETCHAdult EducationTorontoON201337000Funding was provided for the SEEkers (formerly called New Eyez On the Ground) project which will engage young women who have experienced homelessness, street involvement and poverty. These newcomer women will participate in creating art installations and stop motion videos over the course of a community arts leadership training
Skyworks Charitable FoundationAdult EducationTorontoON201320000Funding was provided for the Skyworks Newcomer Women's Filmmaking Leadership Project. This project is aimed at newcomer women to the Hamilton area and will use documentary filmmaking to explore their own gendered, cultural and racial identities as they relate to active citizenship & community
St. Joseph Immigrant Women's CentreAdult EducationHamiltonON201337000Funding was provided for the Women of Action program. This project will engage newcomer women through a participatory civic engagement training program that will help women create and implement action plans for
Breast Cancer Action Montreal (BCAM)EnvironmentMontrealQC201350000Provided funds to support the Prevention and Action Against Cancer and Toxicants (PACT) project in partnership with Environmental Defence. This project aims to educate Quebec community groups about the dangers of the 5 targeted toxins and encourage them to fight for regulatory
East Coast Environment Law (ECELAW)EnvironmentHalifaxNS201350000Funds were provided for the Promoting Environmental Rights in Atlantic Canada project. ECELAW in partnership with Ecojustice will promote the need for environmental rights federally, provincially and municipally in PEI, Nova Scotia and New
FCJ Refugee CentreHousingTorontoON201315000Provided funds to support the Accessible Health for Uprooted Women project. The program provides safe, secure housing to youth which allows them to stabilize their life, finish school, find fulltime employment and/or enroll in post secondary
People for a Healthy Community Gabriola SocietyHousingGabriola IslandBC201320000The Gabriola Guardian Linking Landlord and Tenants program works with landlords, renters, and the community to provide housing. The aim is to aid vulnerable members of our community to find and maintain housing when in transition. The program works in combination with all other PHC programs including assistance with life skills such as housekeeping, cooking, financial literacy, and job skills, and mental health and addiction
Projet Refuge HousingMontrealQC201320000Provided funds in support of the projects of Projet Refuge which is designed to develop independent life skills in separated refugee youth who have independently fled their home countries to escape persecution. The program will provide refugee youth with essential life skills i.e. cooking, maintaining living spaces, shopping and
Raising the Roof/Chez ToiHousingTorontoON201320000Provided funds in support of the Child and Family Homelessness initiative of Raising the Roof/Chez Toi project which will conduct community-based research into the needs of homeless families. Key project objectives include: national framework to develop effec-tive strategies to address homelessness; identifying public policy issues and responses; promoting promising practices; highlighting housing supports/initiatives; recommenda-tions re innovative strategies & programs within the education system to support chil-dren/youth experiencing homelessness,
St. John the Compassionate MissionHousingTorontoON201320000Provided funds in support of the St. Xenia House and Lourmel House project which will provide transitional housing to low-income individuals & families in need. It is a com-munal living environment that helps make connections between those who have been marginalized to the
ACORN Institute CanadaAdult EducationTorontoON201240000Funding was provided for the National Leadership Development Plan project. The main thrust of this project is to build leadership capacity in low-income communities with a focus on addressing substandard housing
Diasporic GeniusAdult EducationTorontoON201226000Funding was provided for the Diasporic Genius Story and Creativity Circle (Thorncliffe Park) project. This project seeks to engage new immigrants through weekly Story Circles session aimed at building active citizenship and providing hands-on community development experience.
Elizabeth Fry TorontoAdult EducationTorontoON201230000Funding was provided for the Peer Leadership Project. This project supports women who have lived the experience of poverty and the criminal justice system become leaders and educators on issues related to the criminal justice system and its relationship to poverty and exclusion and to address the stigma of criminal justice
Falls Brook CentreAdult EducationKnowlesvilleNB201221000Funding was provided for the Revitalizing Rural New Brunswick project. This project will fund workshops on Community Asset Mapping; Introduction to Group Facilitation; Leadership Basics; and Addressing Interpersonal
MABELLEartsAdult EducationTorontoON201230000Funding was provided for the A Walk in the Park project. MABELLEarts will work with artists, community participants and a variety of new media professionals to create and launch an online documentary that is part book, part documentary film and part community
Toronto Environmental AllianceAdult EducationTorontoON201223000Funding was provided for the Adult Education Through Transit Engagement program of Toronto Environmental Alliance in partnership with Social Planning Toronto. This project will empower low income Torontonians, especially from Scarborough and North York, so that they become active citizens working together to solve challenges facing them. Inspiration and empowerment towards active citizenship will happen through outreach, conversation circles, meetings, and training
David Suzuki FoundationEnvironmentVancouverBC201250000Provided funds to support the Bringing Environmental Rights to Canada Project in partnership with Ecojustice. The David Suzuki Foundation (DSF) seeks to promote social and ecological justice. The funding will be used to recruit "Environmental Rights Champions", bring diverse stakeholders together, and capture regional stories to raise awareness and reach out to
Tides Canada Initiatives SocietyEnvironmentVancouverBC201230000Provided funding for the Detoxing Our Wardrobes - Tackling Toxics of a New Growth Industry project. Tides Canada Initiatives Society (TCI) is collaborating with Canopy to focus the purchasing power of the market place and the networks, influence and public reach of our corporate partners to forward protection of our forests. This project responds to a shift in the pulping of trees from paper to use in clothing. Tides Canada/Canopy wants to shift production from chemically toxic intensive pulping to new state-of-the-art agricultural pulping. They plan on engaging retailers and designers in adopting policies to reduce and hopefully eliminate the use of materials from toxic dissolving
Moncton Youth ResidencesHousingMonctonNB201210000Provided funds to support the Youth Transitional Housing Program. The program provides safe, secure housing to youth which allows them to stabilize their life, finish school, find fulltime employment and/or enroll in post secondary
Northern Alberta Home for Women Society (NAHWS)HousingGrande PrairieAB201230000Provided funding for the Aurora Home project. This is a new initiative that will provide a safe place for women to escape street level sexual exploitation while waiting for entry into addictions treatment program.
Sojourn HouseHousingTorontoON201220000Provided funds in support of the Transitional Housing - Skills for Life project which is designed to develop independent life skills in separated refugee youth who have independently fled their home countries to escape persecution. The program will provide refugee youth with essential life skills i.e. cooking, maintaining living spaces, shopping and
TR Cares (Tumbler Ridge Community Association for Extended Services)HousingTumbler RidgeBC201211000Provided funds in support of the The Safehouse and Second Stage Housing program which is the only facility in an isolated northern BC community that provides shelter & second stage housing to women & children fleeing domestic violence.
Antigonish County Adult Learning AssociationAdult EducationAntigonishNS201258400Funding was provided for the Digital Storytelling: Education for Action on Housing project. This is a community-based leadership development initiative that will produce a five-part video documentary that will involve marginalized people in adult education processes and actions to change their housing
Capilano UniversityAdult EducationNorth VancouverBC201255300Funding was provided for the Women's Leadership - Sacred Teachings project, a joint project between Capilano University and Squamish National Ayas Men Child and Family Service Dept. This project will address a need expressed by Squamish Nation Women for leadership development and training in order to reach out to their community.
ISARC - United Church of CanadaAdult EducationWaterlooON201280000Funding was provided for the ISARC - Building a Socially Engaged Faith Sector. This neighborhood based project engages new immigrants from diverse faith backgrounds to build a local interfaith network to respond to common community issues, such as violence and poverty. This initiative provides opportunities for leadership development for people in poverty as well as encouraging them to become active
The Women's Centre of CalgaryAdult EducationCalgaryAB201260000Funding was provided for the Women's Education and Employment Project - a project that will engage 15-20 diverse women's groups in identifying issues that are important to them and identify how they can work together
for change.
WISH Drop In Centre SocietyAdult EducationVancouverBC201280000Provided a grant for the Change in Our Backyard project, a leadership and community capacity building project for women in survival sex work in the Downtown Eastside neighborhood of Vancouver. This project will help marginalized women to develop skills that will enable them to document and share their stories and thereby make recommendations for action leading to systemic
Workers' Educational Association/St. Stephen's Community HouseAdult EducationTorontoON201235000Funding was provided for an Administrator for the University in Community initiative. This project provides a liberal arts education program for people who would not normally have access to one and helps develop critical thinking skills and encourages civic
A Place Called Home HousingLindsayON201225000Provided funds to support the Next Step Program, a program aimed at securing safe & permanent housing for clients. A Place Called Home is also the only organization to provide shelter and programming for the homeless in the City of Kawartha
Bissell CentreHousingEdmontonAB201272000Provided funding for the Jobs First project. This organization
provides services to 80 people transitioning from chronic homelessness to sustainable housing. The funding will be used to hire a housing and employment specialist as the Bissell Centre believes that helping clients stay housed is dependent on maintaining reasonable paid employment.
Friends of Saint Francis, Inc.HousingTorontoON201240000Provided funds in support of the St. Clare Inn project which
provides transitional housing for 'homeless' women between
the ages of 30-60 with mental health issues. The program provides a home and an opportunity to participate in programs, work (if able), save a portion of their ODSP or Ontario Works towards rent and develop life plans.
Our Place PeelHousingMississaugaON201225000Provided funding for the Transitional Housing Program at Our Place Peel. This program works with youth who have mental health/substance issues and are coming out of the foster care system ill-prepared to live independently. Housing 24 homeless youth, the program provides skills training and connections to secure long-term sustainable
Projet Refuge HousingMontrealQC201234600Provided funding for Projet Refuge-Maison Haider of the Montreal City Mission. This project provides support and housing for (@100) refugees and forced migrants (men) with mental health problems and encourages integration into Canadian
WINGS of Providence SocietyHousingEdmontonAB201250000Provided funding for the Home Next Door program. This is an
affordable housing project that will provide 30 units of housing for women and children who have experienced family violence. The project encourages independence by providing onsite daycare to enable women to go to school or work.
YWCA TorontoHousingTorontoON201225000Provided funds for the Support Services for Immigrant Women project at YWCA Beatrice House in Toronto. This project is aimed at helping immigrant women who have a precarious immigrant status due to sponsorship agreements ending as a result of fleeing family violence. CDF funds would be used in support of an Immigration & Refugee
Atlantic Christian Training Centre (Tatamagouche Centre)Adult EducationTatamagoucheNS201144000Provided a grant in support of the First Nations and Black Leadership Development project which seeks to provide access to training and leadership opportunities for first nation and black communities in Eastern
Conservation Council NBAdult EducationFrederictonNB201134232Provided a grant in support of the Upper Miramichi Community Forest Partnership project that builds upon the potential of a "community forest" in northern New Brunswick. The CDF supported the earlier phase of this project which now plans on moving into an extensive community engagement initiative, including capacity building, knowledge exchange and critical assessment of
First Call: BC Child and Youth Advocacy CoalitionAdult EducationVancouverBC201145000Provided a grant in support of the Living Wage for Families Program project of First Call in partnership with Family Services of Greater Vancouver. This initiative will engage the working poor and provide an opportunity for them to share stories of how poverty and low wages affect their lives and encourage reflection and the space to collectively develop solutions. The project will provide practical skills around advocacy and speaking to the wider public about their issue through listening circles, workshops and community
John Humphrey Centre for Peace and Human RightsAdult EducationEdmontonAB201110000Provided a grant in support of Building Our Voice to Address Human Rights: Effective Engagement in the United Nations Universal Periodic (UPR) Review of Canada project. The centre plans on building the capacity of marginalized groups to ensure that their voice is included in the Canadian government's civil society consultation process thereby
ensuring that social and economic justice can occur in Canada.
KAIROS: Canadian Ecumenical Justice InitiativesAdult EducationTorontoON201140000Provided a grant in support of the In Peace and Friendship: Engaging Canadians in Indigenous Rights project which will expand upon "the Blanket Exercise" a tool that KAIROS cites as effective in helping people develop a "critical consciousness". Used mainly with First Nations, Inuit and Metis they now wish to adapt the Blanket Exercise for use with women, New Canadians and Youth. CDF funds would support the Educational Coordinator, Trainers, pilots of the new version of the Exercise, a Train the Trainers Event and ongoing
Mennonite New Life CentreAdult EducationTorontoON201180000Provided a grant in support of Educating for Change: Newcomer Skills in Action project which engages newcomers in reflection & action on economic & political exclusion issues. This current project expands upon an initiative previously supported by the CDF
(June 2010) with a focus on North West Toronto. This area has undergone major development and has a high concentration of immigrants and refugees who MNLFC plans on engaging in community development and collection action skills building, training 60 community leaders and the creation of a community action plan that ensures the development taking place benefits the local community.
Ralph Thornton CentreAdult EducationTorontoON201158400Provided funds in support of the Strong Voices, Strong Communities project - a community development and leadership capacity building initiative for a mixed neighbourhood (South Riverdale) of Toronto Community Housing; low income and middle income families. It is primarily an opportunity for low income tenant leaders to
gain leadership skills.
Eagles Nest Association of WaterdownHousingWaterdownON201135000Provided a grant in support of the 3R Project - Rescued, Restored, Retraining which provides art therapy & job skills training to women transitioning from Drummond House to their own
Fred Victor CentreHousingTorontoON201150000Provided funds in support of the Transitional Housing Program a new initiative of the Fred Victor Centre that provides 20 housing units and support to enable people to build skills that will enable them to move on to more stable
Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization of Manitoba Inc. (IRCOM)HousingWinnipegMB201139500Provided funds in support of the IRCOM Community Resource Program (CRP) that provides support/services (i.e. life skills, job search assistance, ESL referrals, empowerment, understanding Canadian law) to individuals and families enabling them to move to more stable housing. It also liaisons with other partner agencies in the community who can provide job skills training, counseling, child care and other
Jubilation Residential Centres Inc.HousingPrince AlbertSK201121500Provided funds in support of the Homes for the Homeless project which places homeless clients in secure housing by using existing housing stock. Clients are provided support (counseling, First Nations Healing Circles, skills/employment training) and linked with a mentor to develop the necessary skills to maintain stable
Unity Project for Relief of Homelessness in LondonHousingLondonON201137250Provided funds in support of the Housing and Advocacy Program (formerly known as the Community Housing and Support Program (CSP)) a "wrap-around model of support that helps vulnerable men and women living in poverty obtain and maintain housing". This program connects men and women to resources (life skills, legal, family counseling,
addictions etc.) and partners with other service agencies.
YWCA Durham HousingOshawaON201120000Provided a grant in support of the 2nd Stage Transitional
Housing Program. The CDF provided funding for the "pilot"
and is providing funding for staffing for the Life Skills component of the program for one more year.
YWCA Metro VancouverHousingVancouverBC 201135000Provided funds in support of the YWCA Munroe House Mothers Without Legal Status Project which provides transitional housing for immigrant women who have left abusive partners while waiting for permanent resident status. The YWCA Munroe House is advocating for changes to family law to enable these women to work while awaiting permanent resident status - a process that can take up to two years and leaves the women extremely
Bench Theatre Initiative (umbrellaed by IMAGO)Adult EducationTorontoON201118000Provided a grant in support of the Transient Voices project which would result in a one-act play being developed through storytelling workshops with street-involved people sharing their stories (with dignity)
Community Social Planning Council of Greater VictoriaAdult EducationVictoriaBC201160000Provided a grant in support of the Learning Community on
Poverty Reduction and Prevention for BC's Capital Region project which builds leadership and harnesses the vision amongst marginalized people often excluded from public policy and program development.
MABELLEartsAdult EducationTorontoON201120000Provided a grant in support of the Bread and Roses project that builds upon on earlier funded initiative to develop & support community leaders, create dialogue across diversity and encourage active citizenship in a marginalized west-end Toronto
Scarborough Women's CentreAdult EducationScarboroughON201120000Provided a grant in support of Expanding the Reach: Outreach to Women Living with Disabilities project which will refine & implement leadership training and share the learning with other groups in Ontario. This initiative builds upon a pilot project previously funded by the
Toronto Centre for Community Learning & DevelopmentAdult EducationTorontoON201140000Provided funds in support of the Civic Engagement and Community Development Initiative, a leadership development program that builds upon a pilot project previously funded by the CDF and considers what it means to be an emergent community through the use of digital storytelling as a tool for active
EquiterreEnvironmentMontrealQC201150000Provided funds in support of Reducing the use of pesticides for cosmetic purposes in Quebec project that would strengthen the Pesticides Management Code in Quebec and encourage government implementation of stricter regulations outside of Quebec by sharing experiences with other
Pembina Foundation for Environmental Research and EducationEnvironmentDrayton Valley AB201140000Provided funds in support of the Telling the Truth About Green Energy in Ontario project that would provide a third party analysis of the cost of green energy compared to consumer costs that would have occurred without green energy
Societe pour la nature et les parcs du Canada, Section Quebec (SNAP Quebec)EnvironmentMontrealQC201122000Provided funds in support of the Protecting the Magpie River: Finding a Balance in the Land of Hydro-Electricity project which promotes a balanced conservation approach that does not vilify development but considers both the environmental and socio-economic
E4CHousingEdmontonAB201150000Provided a grant in support of a new resource program at
Elizabeth House that would prepare women living in the facility to access support services that would lead to eventual independent living.
Skyworks Charitable FoundationHousingTorontoON201145000Provided a grant in support of the Home Safe Community
Engagement Campaign that expands upon the community
development work of the Home Safe Toronto project (previously funded by the CDF) to engage schools, newcomer organizations, tenant advocates, labour unions, front-line service agencies and policy makers.
Women's Y FoundationHousingMontrealQC201140000Provided a grant in support of the Creating Positive Change
for a Better Tomorrow project. The project focuses on capacity building and personal development for women within the "y's" transitional housing residence through community arts, horticultural and literacy programs.
YWCA HalifaxHousingHalifaxNS201126000Provided a grant in support of the WISH Second Stage project, a supportive housing program that provides support services along with financial literacy & life skills programming for hard to house and chronically homeless
Girls Action Foundation/Fondation Filles d'ActionAdult EducationMontrealQC201043000Provided a grant in support of the Aboriginal Women's Intergenerational Forum & Leadership Project that focuses on building an action network and the skills & knowledge of Aboriginal women from across the country to enable them to become agents of change in their lives &
Judith Marcuse Projects (JMP)Adult EducationVancouverBC201030500Provided a grant in support of the Chataqua Project a national knowledge exchange initiative which will lead to dialogue & understanding among diverse practitioners, academics, artists, politicians, community workers and citizens and build a stronger awareness of how art and community can and do interact. CDF funds will support the planning process and public
Ontario Employment Education & ResearchAdult EducationTorontoON201018000Provided a grant in support of Leaders for Change, a project which will strengthen the ability of low-income and immigrant workers to engage in community development and become confident leaders through an interactive leadership
PEERS Victoria Resources SocietyAdult EducationEsquimaltBC201030000Provided funds in support of "It's My Turn" an informal education curriculum that removes barriers to education and meets sex workers where they are. CDF funds will support staff and materials for the
EcojusticeEnvironmentTorontoON201025000Provided funds in support of “Working Towards Recognition of Environmental Rights in Canada” a project with the goal of setting a precedent to recognize environmental rights in Canada. The project focuses on the Aamjiwnaang First Nation (Sarnia, ON) who live next to 40 percent of Canada"s petrochemical
Environmental DefenceEnvironmentTorontoOn201040000Provided funds in support of the "Just Beautiful" campaign which tackles the safety of personal care products sold in Canada. The campaign will bring awareness to all about the potential toxicity of personal care products & makeup with the intention of encouraging the Government of Canada to implement stronger
Mouvement pour la valorisation du patrimoine naturel madelinot/Attention FragilesEnvironmentCap-aux-MeulesQC201020000Provided funds in support of the One Voice for the Gulf of St. Lawrence project that aims to declare a moratorium on gas & oil exploration in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, one of Canada's most important marine environment. This project is a partnership between Attention Fragiles, the David Suzuki Foundation, CPAWS Quebec, & Nature
The Natural Step CanadaEnvironmentOttawaON201025000Provided a grant in support of the Neighbourhood Sustainability Planning Initiative which takes the Natural Step's successful community sustainability planning initiative to the "neighbourhood" level in municipalities. This pilot project will build the capacity and engage neighbours in envisioning an environmentally and socially sustainable
Tides Canada/Small Change FundEnvironmentVancouver BC201026600Provided a grant in support of "Amplifying Our Voice: Empowering Grassroots Groups through Digital Storytelling" project that profiles grassroots projects on their website and connects them to potential
West Coast Environmental Law Research FoundationEnvironmentVancouverBC201025000Provided funds in support of the Justice for First Nations and Nature in the Face of Climate Change project of WCEL in partnership with the Gitanyow Hereditary Chiefs aimed at
addressing the root causes of marginalization of First Nations in BC due to the exploitation of natural resources without their consent.
Eva's Initiatives HousingTorontoON201025000Provided a grant in support of the "National Initiatives Program (NIP)", a unique, collaborative program addressing youth homelessness. CDF funds would be applied to the
Learning Community-Staff Exchange and to Outreach and Capacity building.
LOFT Community ServicesHousingTorontoON201025000Provided a grant in support of the "Senior's Welcome Home Project". This project's goal is to provide safe transitional housing for seniors who become homeless while in hospital or before at a fraction of the cost of keeping them in chronic, acute or psycho-geriatric care hospital
Momentum Community Economic Development SocietyHousingCalgaryAB201020000Provided a grant in support of the "Home Owners Program External Evaluation" project. The Home Owners Program (established in 2001) makes home ownership possible for low income families through a matched savings program.. CDF funds would be directed to costs associated with the
Payukotayno James and Hudson Bay Family ServicesHousingMoosoneeON201040000Provided a grant in support of "Bringing Our Children Home: Keeping Our Children With Us", that would allow aboriginal children to be fostered in their community. This innovative
project offers sustainable change in Aboriginal communities. CDF funds are directed towards the development of policies, outreach & advocacy.
Projet Refuge (Montreal City Mission)HousingMontrealQC201035000Funds were provided in support of "Projet Refuge Transit" Project of Projet Refuge in partnership with Montreal City Mission. Projet Refuge Transit isa transitional housing program for male refugees with physical or mental health challenges. CDF funds will enable this unique program to increase staffing
Woodgreen Red Door Family ShelterHousingTorontoON201010000Provided a grant in support of the Family Moving Program which provides donated furniture and moving assistance for families moving out of the shelter and into safe, affordable housing. CDF funds will enable the program to increase the capacity of the program and thereby serve more
Interchange: International Institute for Community Based PeacebuildingAdult EducationTorontoON201043000Provided a grant in support of the Building a Culture of Peace in the GTA project of Interchange: International Institute for Community-Based Peacebuilding. This project will use adult education principles and a participatory approach to bring communities together to work through trauma (historic & current) and break the cycle of violence.
Interchange will work collaboratively with a number of community agencies to provide workshops, community leadership programmes and programme outreach to provide peace literacy.
Mennonite New Life CentreAdult EducationTorontoON201060000Provided a grant in support of the "Educating for Change: Newcomer Skills in Action" project that builds on a two-year community engagement process in partnership with KAIROS, the Labour Education Centre and the Colour of Poverty Campaign to encourage newcomer leadership in engaging with local politicians on issues of poverty and access to employment in the lead up to the municipal elections in October
NorthwatchAdult EducationNorth BayON201035000Provided a grant (along with the Environment area of focus) in support of the "Raising Voices" Responding to Nuclear Waste Industry Overtures - project of Northwatch. This project will provide tools (resources & information) to enable economically depressed communities to weigh the long-term risks of nuclear waste disposal versus the short-term economic
Canadian Catholic Campus Ministry and Canadian Catholic Students' AssociationEnvironmentTorontoON201025000Provided funds in support of the Awakening Ecological Imagination and Supporting Action among Catholic Student Leaders project that will train and prepare Catholic student leaders to take environmental action on campus as an expression of
Tides Canada Initiatives/Forest Ethics Canada ProjectEnvironmentVancouver BC201025000Provided funds in support of the Value Over Volume: First Nations' Economic Development Project of Forest Ethics in partnership with Tides Canada. This project is an ecologically sustainable social enterprise of the Heiltsuk First Nation that manufactures and sells native-designed wooden toys while promoting environmental integrity by using only 2% of the wood that would be required to generate equivalent jobs through community
Tides/CanopyEnvironmentVancouver BC201045000Provided funds in support of the Raise Your Hand for the Forest: Ensuring a Child's Education Doesn't Cost the Earth project of Canopy (in partnership with Tides Canada), aimed at reducing the logging of Boreal forests to produce textbooks and workbooks for school children in Quebec & Ontario. This project will help publishers transition into using eco-papers; engage youth in linking forest & wildlife environmental health with consumption practices and contribute to a values shift for forest
Wildlife Preservation CanadaEnvironmentGuelphON20109000Provided funds in support of the Freshwater Turtle Nest Protection Study project of Wildlife Preservation. The turtle population in Ontario is being decimated by predators (animal & human) and this project will try three different approaches to save four at-risk freshwater turtles from
Elizabeth Fry SocietyHousingTorontoON201027000Provided a grant in support of the Healthy Lives Project - an initiative that will support residents over a one year period and include elements of peer support and counseling to address the needs of criminalized women with a history of mental health, addictions and trauma with the aim of preventing recidivism through the provision of new tools (that are gender-informed) to address their
Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization of Manitoba Inc. (IRCOM)HousingWinnipegMB201030000Provided a grant in support of the Community Resource Program of IRCOM. This project works with new immigrants & refugees over a three year period to help integrate them into the Winnipeg community and Canadian culture. CDF funds are directed towards “parenting in Canada”
Oolagen Community ServicesHousingTorontoON201038000Provided a grant in support of the Wraparound with Young Families project of Oolagen in collaboration with the Committee for Young Parents of No Fixed Address and Robertson House. This project supports young homeless families moving from transitional housing into more permanent, safe & affordable
Women's Rural Resource CentreHousingStrathroyON201025000Provided a grant in support of the Transitional Housing Support project that addresses the unique needs of rural women facing abuse and helps them transition into safe & affordable housing within their own
Central Neighbourhood HouseAdult EducationTorontoON200965000Provided a grant in support of the Full Circle project of Central Neighbourhood House, Regent Park Community Health Centre & the Centre for Digital Storytelling. The project engages women in identifying their own needs and the needs of their community through a digital storytelling
Centre for Community Learning & DevelopmentAdult EducationTorontoON200950000Provided a grant in support of the Volunteer Development & Civic Engagement Initiativeproject of the Toronto Centre for Community Learning & Development. This project will use adult education processes to engage marginalized populations in Regent Park, Moss Park and St. James Town in a volunteer and civic engagement initiative that aims to train 15 lead community facilitators to play a leadership role in their
Conservation Council NBAdult EducationFrederictonNB20095000Provided a grant in support of the New Brunswick Community Forest Alliance project of the Conservation Council of New Brunswick. Funding was provided to this organization via our Adult Education area of focus and the Environment area of focus in keeping with the Catherine Donnelly Foundation's expressed interest in supporting projects with
Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society-Nfld & Lab chapterEnvironmentSt. John's NL200920000Provided funds in support of the Atlantic Ocean Champions project of CPAWS NL. The focus of this project is creating a film comprised of stories of retired fishers and seniors detailing human-induced changes that have negatively impacted the oceans. This project will engage youth & seniors in initiating change. It also recognizes that traditional knowledge held within local communities is instrumental for the future of the
Conservation Council NBEnvironmentFrederictonNB200920000Provided funds in support of the New Brunswick Community Forest Alliance project of the Conservation Council of NB which brings together aboriginal & non-aboriginal communities from four regions of New Brunswick to draft a NB Community Forest Charter that protects the Acadian forest, allows community access and respects aboriginal treaties and spiritual
Green CommunitiesEnvironmentPeterborough ON200930000Provided funds in support of the Canadian Energy Poverty Network-Development Phase project of Green Communities. This is a new initiative to create a network to help fight energy poverty by creating a community of practice to disseminate information and participate in creating a sustainable
Pembina FoundationEnvironmentDrayton Valley AB200930000Provided funds in support of the Redfish School of Change project of the Pembina Foundation. The project provides leadership training for university students in environment and social justice while gaining university credit. It is a partnership between Pembina, Green Learning and the University of Victoria and emphasizes personal development and creating a more ecologically sustainable and socially just
Tides Canada CYCCEnvironmentVancouver BC200920000Provided funds in support of the Our Green Dream: Youth and Green Jobs in Canada project, a community-based, solutions-oriented project designed to enable Canadian youth to engage with the urgent economic, environmental and social challenges posed by climate
ACORN Institute CanadaHousingTorontoON200935000Provided a grant in support of the Inclusive Communities Project - an initiative aimed at addressing the shortage of affordable housing in Ontario by advocating for inclusive zoning measures to encourage housing developers to include/build units at market or below-market
Community FirstHousingSaskatoonSK200935000Provided a grant for staffing for the facilitation of the Affordable Housing Program of Quint Development Corporation in partnership with Community First. This project is a prior grant
Mennonite Central ComHousingKitchenerON200940000Provided a grant in support of the Circle of Friends project of the Mennonite Central Committee of Ontario. This project is aimed at breaking the cycle of homelessness through peer support and healthy relationships with community volunteers. CDF funds will support a research project aimed at tracking the cost-effectiveness of investing in peer support
Parkdale Activity-Rec CentreHousingTorontoON200930000Provided a grant in support of Taking it to the Streets: A Conversation At your Door project of the Parkdale Activity-Recreation Centre. This Project is an innovative approach to “nimbyism” through direct door-to door conversations between local community residents and “ambassadors” who will ultimately live in the affordable housing development.http://.parc.onc.a
Antidote: Multiracial Girls & Women's NetworkAdult EducationVictoriaBC200965000Provided a grant in support of the Multiracial Family Project that is intended to increase awareness, skills & knowledge and community development interests of multi-racial individuals through workshops, a conference, theatre, website/on-line resources and a
MABELLEeartsAdult EducationTorontoON200920000Provided a grant in support of the We Make the Road By Walking Urban Revitalization project that works with poor and newcomer adults living at Mabelle (a Toronto Community Housing Corporation) in Etobicoke. CDF funds will support a range of adult skill building and tenant engagement workshops as well as arts-based workshops to develop active citizenship and critical consciousness skills.
Scarborough Women's CentreAdult EducationScarboroughON20098000Provided a grant in support of the Expanding the Reach: Empowering Women with Disabilities project that will provide educational workshops, build leadership skills and help develop independence for women with disabilities (mobility, deafness, depression & visual impairment)
Art of Living FoundationEnvironmentSaint-Mathieu-du-ParcQC200920000Provided funds in support of Deepening Roots - a program that promotes sustainable agricultural practices that provide high-yield, low-impact produce locally. CDF funds support
a summer intern program to develop leadership & interest in sustainable agriculture.
Foodshare TorontoEnvironmentTorontoON200930000Provided funds in support of the Good Food Markets: Bridging the Gap Between Low Income Communities and Local Farmers project focusing on providing access to healthy food to low income neighbourhoods and modeling environmental
Protected Areas Association of Newfoundland and Labrador (PAA)EnvironmentSt. John'sNL200920000Provided funds in support of the Conserving the Old-Growth Forests of the Rock project focusing on protecting unique old-growth balsam fir boreal forest, habitat protection for woodland caribous and a recovery habitat for the Newfoundland
Quebec Farmers AssociationEnvironmentLongueuilQC200910000Provided funds in support of the New Canadian Farmers Incubator Farm project focusing on providing opportunities for new farmers (new Canadians, young people, second career farmers) to receive training & mentorship, access to land, equipment and
Santropol RoulantEnvironmentMontrealQC200920000Provided funds in support of the Edible Campus Garden and Fresh Produce Baskets Program focusing on expanding the downtown McGill Campus garden to supply Santropol Roulant's meals-on-wheels program and supply fresh foods baskets to low-income families in Little Burgundy. This project will also engage in a process to address systemic barriers that make sustainable communities
Cornerstone Housing for WomenHousingOttawaON200938354Provided a grant for the Life Beyond Trauma project that builds upon existing services, to get at root causes of the symptoms present in the lives of homeless women, with the intended outcome of empowering & equipping them to secure permanent
Labrador Friendship CentreHousingHappy Valley-Goose BayNL200910000Provided a grant in support of a Housing Development Worker to help address the homelessness issue in Goose Bay by providing wrap around services and education for sustaining long-term
Smithers Community Services AssociationHousingSmithersBC200935000Provided a grant for a Housing Liaison Worker to provide transitional housing support for clients to enable them to find appropriate living space & liaise with appropriate service
YWCA DurhamHousingOshawaON200920000Provided a grant in support of a job & life skills facilitator & cook for Adelaide House, a 2nd Stage Transitional Housing project that provides accommodation, peer mentoring, counselling services, job skills development and job readiness
Common Ground CooperativeAdult EducationTorontoON200824000Provided a grant in support of the Communication Skills Enhancement Project which focuses on engaging adults with intellectual disabilities in a democratic process that could potentially lead to policy creation and advocacy for the intellectually
Frontier College FoundationAdult EducationTorontoON200810000Provided a grant in support of the Independent Studies Program, a community-based adult literacy program which provides educational support for people with multiple disabilities and social
Greater Edmonton AllianceAdult EducationEdmontonAB200826000Provided a grant in support of the Sustainable Works in Greater Edmonton project which will build leadership capacity, expand community organizing and train citizen leaders to become major problem-solvers in the face of global
Theatre for Living Society (Headlines Theatre)Adult EducationVancouverBC200850000Provided a grant in support of the Homelessness Project - "after homelessness", an interactive Forum Theatre production performed by people struggling with mental illness and/or addictions who are experiencing inadequate
Environmental DefenceEnvironmentTorontoON200830000Provided funds in support of the implementation of an Environmental Program in the Oneida Nation - a collaborative pilot project with the aim of creating a (First Nations) community-driven program to build community capacity which would lead to the protection of First Nations land, improved health and environmental sustainability.
Falls Brook CentreEnvironmentKnowlesvilleNB200830000Provided funds in support of the Food Miles: Shortening the distance from local farms to institutions project which works with the New Brunswick School District and the Carleton County Farmers' markets to create real connections between local farmers and local schools by calculating the economic, environmental and social costs associated with the transportation of foods over long
Hollyhock Leadership Institute (Sage Foundation)EnvironmentVancouverBC200810000Provided funds in support of the Social Change Institut - Building a movement for rapid and wise change project which will bring together environmental leaders to share learning, best practices and to tackle both the practical and the emotional/spiritual aspect of advocacy and social
Safe Drinking Water FoundationEnvironmentSaskatoonSK200820000Provided funds in support of the Community Framework for Safe Drinking Water project that would make resources available to rural (& First Nations) communities for analyzing source water and treated water on an ongoing basis for higher quality water with the smallest possible environmental footprint.
Community First Development Fund of SaskatoonHousingSaskatoonSK200826000Provided a grant for staffing costs for the facilitation and development of the Affordable Housing Project; a partnership between Community First Development Fund & Quint Development Corporation.htpp://
Kingston Home Base Non-Profit Housing Inc.HousingKingstonON200819523Provided a grant in support of a Support Housing Program -Phase II for a new 24 one-bedroom transitional housing unit for formerly homeless youth and
Margaret Frazer HouseHousingTorontoON200840000Provided a grant for a Transitional Support Worker to provide
support to former women mental health survivors in a transitional housing environment where women can live cooperatively before finding independent longer term stable housing.
Tides Canada Foundation/The Tyee HousingVancouverBC200813500Provided a grant in support of a research project and monthly On-line news magazine focusing on finding solutions and ideas regarding affordable housing conducive to Canada's cultural, economic, and political
CIRS/Leadership CentreAdult EducationRed DeerAB200850000Provided a grant in support of the Leadership Networks Program - Community Adult Leadership Development Program of the Leadership Centre in partnership with the CIRS. The program is a unique, innovative, community-based program that empowers individuals to take on leadership roles to make a difference in the not-for-profit, business, government and community
Houston Link to LearningAdult EducationHoustonBC200870000Provided a grant in support of Learning Together: Rural Roots, a peer learning project between citizens and literacy practitioners in northwest BC. The project addresses profound social ills in remote, rural and aboriginal
University of VictoriaAdult EducationVictoriaBC200825000Provided a grant in support of University 101 program a free non-credit, introductory university course for participants who face barriers such as unstable housing, poverty and mental health issues in accessing post-secondary
David Suzuki FoundationEnvironmentVancouverBC200825000Provided funds in support of the BC Species Protection Act project . The DSF and a coalition of environmental groups is committed to securing a robust and comprehensive B.C. Species Protection Act that will protect species-at-risk and prevent species from becoming
Ecotrust CanadaEnvironmentVancouverBC200825000Provided funds in support of the Publication and Free Distribution of Moose II, a Landmark Aboriginal Mapping Textbook to be jointly published by Ecotrust Canada and the Union of BC Indian Chiefs. Moose II will give voice to Aboriginal experiences and spiritual connections to the Earth, will lead to large and concrete conservation gains in Canada's Boreal and Temperate forests, will incorporate cultural and ecological values in land use & development and will promote community
Faith & the Common GoodEnvironmentTorontoON200815000Provided funds in support of the Greening Sacred Spaces - Educational Resources project of Faith & the Common Good. "The Continuum of Engagement" resource will enable faith communities to identify a starting point and set objectives for "greening" their faith community, and "The Healthy Operations" resource will assist faith communities in changing their office and cleaning practices to be low impact &
Judith Marcuse Projects SocietyEnvironmentVancouverBC200845000Provided funds in support of EARTH=home 2009, a large-scale touring show that incorporates music, theatre, dance and multi-media technology. Based on three years of arts workshops with young people from diverse communities, EARTH=home explores their thoughts and feelings about the state of our planet and where we are taking it. EARTH=home
engages the broader community through post-show talk backs, presentations, Workshops, community events, web-based resources and media activities.
Santropol RoulantEnvironmentMontrealQC200820000Provided funds in support of Santropol Roulant's Building a Sustainable Food System Program with a focus on strengthening the food cycle and working towards a sustainable urban food system. This includes delivering meals on wheels via bicycle & foot, a Rooftop Garden Project, large-scale worm composting, and the Santrovelo Community Bike
SKETCH & Greenest CityEnvironmentTorontoON200820000Provided funds in support of From the Ground Up project that engages and empowers marginalized youth and adults in Parkdale as leaders in growing local food, strengthening community ties and developing skills and knowledge needed for a greener
Victoria Immigrant & Refugee Center SocietyEnvironmentVictoriaBC200810000Provided funds in support of the Multicultural Environmental Education Project for Newcomers. This project will created dialogue within Victoria's multicultural community about climate change and through partnerships with local environmental groups and the creation of multicultural climate change communications materials will increase environmental awareness and inspire
Bridge House (Kingston) IncorporatedHousingKingstonON200820000Provided a grant for the STAY (Supportive Transitional Accommodations for Youth) program that provides transitional housing for young women (16-24) and their children in crisis.
Canadian Mental Health Association (Hastings & Prince Edward Branch)HousingBellevilleON200820000Provided a grant in support of a Life Skills Worker who will work with tenants in CMHA's Homelessness Initiative to help develop skills that will increase their ability for successful independent
Eva's InitiativesHousingTorontoON200830000Provided a grant for the National Initiative Program. This program supports agencies building transitional housing, shares best practices, recognizes the innovative work of Canadian organizations, and through the creation of a National Learning Community on Youth Homelessness works in a collaborative forum with leading youth serving
FCJ Refugee CentreHousingTorontoON200815000Provided a grant in support of the Training and Capacity Building Through an Integrated Model of Service Delivery program. The goal is to prevent homelessness among the vulnerable sector of refugee claimants and other uprooted people at risk through training and capacity
Oolagen Community ServicesHousingTorontoON200830000Provided a grant in support of the Wraparound with Young Homeless Families program. This program assists young families to transition to permanent housing and collaborates and partners with other organizations to respond to the needs of this growing
Pacifica Housing Advisory AssociationHousingVictoriaBC200830000Provided a grant in support of Clover Place, a Housing First Model. This project will incorporate the philosophies of "housing first", "harm reduction" and "peer support" to create a comprehensive and inclusive approach in housing and support services for those individuals that are considered hardest to
CCEDNETAdult EducationOttawaON200780000Provided a grant in support of Adult Education of New Canadian Practitioners Working with Marginalized Immigrants & Refugees project. CCEDNET's mission is to support & promote community economic development to alleviate poverty, reduce unemployment & relieve suffering in economically challenged communities. CDF funds supported staff & project
Downtown Eastside Women's Centre Assoc.Adult EducationVancouverBC200740000Provided a grant in support of the Centre's Collaborative Learning, Capacity and Quality project that will help homeless & at risk of homelessness women develop structure and social networks using popular education, social development and community-based collaborative methods to enable them to transition into stable
NORTEPAdult EducationLa RongeSK200730000Provided a grant in support of the Aboriginal Knowledge Exchange Project (AKEP) of the Centre for Northern Research & Graduate Studies Education (a division of Nortep). This project will develop a collaborative community of aboriginal teacher education programs that will support and encourage the common exchange of knowledge specific to teacher education in an aboriginal
Seeds of Hope FoundationAdult EducationTorontoON200755000Provided a grant in support of the Yellow Door Learning Centre program at 6 St. Joseph House. This project integrates the arts (visual, media, music) with a supportive personal growth program to enable people in vulnerable circumstances (panhandlers, artists living on the edge, people dealing with addictions & mental health challenges) to re-establish connections to
Biosphere Institute of the Bow ValleyEnvironmentCanmoreAB200716000Provided funds in support of the second year of the Bow Valley Sustainability Hub project. Building upon a successful pilot year, the program will provide new programs - education & outreach to targeted sectors of community; awareness & engagement for local faith communities; sustainability displays in public venues; sustainability classroom programs and hands-on, how-to sustainability
C.A.N.O.E.EnvironmentTorontoON200720000Provided funds in support of the Youth Canoe Trip Leaders project. CDF funds will be used to help Develop and implement an environmental stewardship program in the Temagami wilderness for youth facing multiple barriers (economic, social, behavioural, learning)
Camp CosmosEnvironmentMontrealQC200710000Provided funds in support of the Environmental Education Resources project of Camp Cosmos. This project builds upon the success of the environmental education that camp participants experienced by providing a "take home" kit with materials that can be shared with family &
Canadian Network for Environmental Education & CommunicationEnvironmentWinnipegMB200720000Provided funds in support of the Building Capacity in Canadian Environmental Learning Initiative project. EECOM works strategically and collaboratively to advance environmental learning to ensure Canadians are environmentally literate, engage in environmental
stewardship and contribute to a healthy future.
Pembina FoundationEnvironmentDrayton ValleyAB200725000Provided funds in support of a renewable energy education project - Getting the Balance Right in B.C. The overall goal is to educate community leaders, policy makers & government officials in the price signals needed to encourage the uptake of renewable
Sustainability NetworkEnvironmentTorontoON200715000Provided funds in support of the Boreal Learning Network Project which brings together Canadian environmental non-profits focused on Boreal forest conservation to increase skills, strengthen campaigns, share best practices & increase their capacity to collaborate with First Nations
Theatre for Living Society (Headlines Theatre)EnvironmentVancouverBC20075000Provided funds in support of 2 Degrees of Fear and Desire - an intimate evening of theatre (without a play) about global
West Coast Environmental Law Research FoundationEnvironmentVancouverBC200714000Provided funds in support of the Design with Nature: Green Infrastructure As the Foundation of Sustainable Communities project. This project employs a "bottom-up" approach to sustainable community development by connecting decision-makers & communities with tools & resources that support smart growth & green
Windhorse Education FoundationEnvironmentNew GermanyNS200720000Provided funds in support of the Personalized Implementations of Alternative Energy Education program to provide alternative energy education to rural Nova Scotians through demonstration of on-site technologies and real-time monitoring for cost-effectiveness.
WWF-CanadaEnvironmentTorontoON200725000Provided funds in support of the Conservation First: The Northwest Territories Protected Areas Strategy project. WWF-Canada is collaborating with other conservation groups & First Nations communities to urge decision-makers to consider the adverse impacts of industrial development in the north.
Home Suite HopeHousingOakvilleON200718500Provided a second grant in support of the Intensified Facilitation Model for Families: Life-Skills Coach and Advocacy program. This particular program geared to supporting women & children builds upon earlier success with a men's
Humewood House AssociationHousingTorontoON200720000Provided a grant in support of the 1900 Sheppard Housing Project which provides 27 transitional housing units for young mothers at risk of homelessness. CDF funds support a portion of staff & program
Skyworks Charitable FoundationHousingTorontoON200736700Provided a grant for Home Safe - a documentary/community development project for and with homeless children & their families. Skyworks provides education and advocacy and community engagement through the documentary film medium. CDF funds support the community dissemination & staff costs associated with the
Canadian Hearing SocietyAdult EducationTorontoON200720000Provided a grant in support of the Literacy and Basic Skills Program offered to the hearing impaired in the GTA and Northern
Eritrean Canadian Community Centre of Metro TorontoAdult EducationTorontoON200725000Funding provided for the Literacy project in support of the adult literacy tutoring program for 32 adults and literacy training for four literacy
Hamilton Literacy CouncilAdult EducationHamiltonON200715000Provided a grant in support of the Wonderful World of Work Project– an employment based literacy program that focuses on life skills to equip participants to enter the workforce and retain
Laubach Literacy of CanadaAdult EducationOttawaON200718000Provides adult literacy training in a one-on-one approach. Funding provided for Phase II of the National Training Officer &Literacy Trainer Handbook
Regina & District Association for Community LivingAdult EducationReginaSK200740000Provided a grant in support of Campus for All - an integrated post-secondary education and literacy program for adults with intellectual disabilities.
FarmStartEnvironmentGuelphON200715000Provided funds in support of New Farmers, New Canadians Initiative pilot research, training and incubator farm to help new Canadians learn how to grow culturally appropriate products in ecological
Ignatius Jesuit Centre of Guelph (Collaborative for Ecology)EnvironmentGuelphON200750000Provided funds in support of Seeding the Future and Stations of the Cosmos which includes environmental education and organic agricultural
Labour Environmental AllianceEnvironmentVancouverBC200715000Provided funds in support of Toward a Toxin-Free Aboriginal Community: Mapping Cancer/Seton Band project which will help band members identify carcinogens and other
toxins which lead to cancer.
The Natural Step EnvironmentOttawaON200735000Funding provided for the Atlantic Canada Sustainability Initiative (ACSI) project - a year-long capacity-building program that will lead to tangible actions
toward sustainability by all participating organizations.
Recreation for Life Foundation EnvironmentEdmontonAB200720000Funding provided for the Greening of Alberta project with a specific focus on environmental education for
Sustainability Office - University of TorontoEnvironmentTorontoON20076500Funding provided for the Bikechain cycling education and resource centre, and bicycle lending project - a student initiative to encourage the use of an affordable, environmentally friendly sustainable method of transportation.
Interval HouseHousingTorontoON200749000Provided a grant in support of The Housing Program which assists women in accessing safe, affordable housing by liaising with prominent apartment owners and operators re affordable housing units, along with housing workshops; housing related counselling and a furniture
Sojourn HouseHousingTorontoON200734000Provided a second grant in support of the Trauma Counselling Project for refugees living in Sojourn's shelter & transitional housing
Victoria Women's Transition House SocietyHousingVictoriaBC200740000Provided a grant for Harrison Place - Housing Initiative for Abused Women project is an affordable transitional housing program for women aged 45-65 who have left abusive relationships and wish to reach their goal of living independently and abuse-free in the
Youth Without ShelterHousingEtobicokeON200710000Stay In School Program is a transitional housing program for youth that provides a stable living environment with an opportunity to finish
First Baptist ChurchAdult EducationOttawaON200625000 Discovery University: Promoting Change Project provides opportunity for homeless individuals to access a university education.
Ft. St. John Enrichment Centre FoundationAdult EducationFt. St. JohnBC200620000Employment Project provides literacy and numeracy skills to special needs adults. Funds were provided in support of an Employment
Lunenburg Co. Assistive Technology CentreAdult EducationLunenburgNS200630000Providing Literacy & Computer Skills Development to Disabled project provides services and supports to clients with disabilities looking to enhance their literacy skills through technology.
P.A.L.S. Project Adult Literacy SocietyAdult EducationEdmontonAB200645000English as a Second Language Program provides programs that enable literacy and ESL students to network and develop skills.
Camp CosmosEnvironmentMontrealQC200610000Funding provided for the creation of an ecologically run and program centered camp for children from refugee, immigrant and low-income families - Camp Cosmos Environmental Education
Canadian Parks and Wilderness SocietyEnvironmentOttawaON200630000Provided funds in support of the Dumoine River Watershed Conservation Campaign. The goal is to establish a new protected area in southwestern Quebec and have lands not included subject to forest harvesting
Ecotrust CanadaEnvironmentVancouverBC200634000Provided funds in support of the Tsleil-Waututh Marine Stewardship Program. This program will measure the impact of human activity and pollution on the Burrard Inlet, Indian Arm and Vancouver's outer
Seniors Association of Greater EdmontonEnvironmentEdmontonAB200629000Funding provided for a Multicultural Senior Urban Farming Project that employs the SPIN (Small Plot Intensive Farming)
The Jane Goodall InstituteEnvironmentTorontoON200630000Funding provided for the Roots & Shoots “Leadership for Change” program which will help youth develop skills needed to lead local environmental and humanitarian
Aunt Leah's Independent Life Skills SocietyHousingVancouverBC200610000Provides a supportive housing program for young women to withdraw from drug addiction while birthing their babies. Funds were provided for the Thresholds Residential
Canadian Mental Health Assoc. (Hastings & Prince Edward Branch)HousingBellevilleON200625000Provides safe, supportive living arrangements for single adults, couples and youth through their Homelessness Initiative. Funds were provided for a part-time Cooperative Living Case
Community First Development FundHousingSaskatoonSK200625000Affordable Housing Program focuses on working with housing co-operatives to provide support for low-income families to become homeowners. Support comes in the form of mentorship, workshops, guidance and meeting facilitation. Funds were provided for staffing
Edmonton Mennonite Centre for NewcomersHousingEdmontonAB200615000Trinity Manor provides transitional housing along with a range of support services to refugees who have been assessed as having significant challenges to successful integration into Canadian. life. Funds were provided in support of a tenant
FCJ Refugee CentreHousingTorontoON200630000Provides temporary, affordable shelter, orientation and support to refugee women and their children. Funds were provided for The Settlement and Integration Program geared to transitioning women from shelters into self-sustaining living situations and for the Training and Capacity Building Through an Integrated Model program - an initiative aimed at empowering refugee claimants and other uprooted persons at risk of
Greater Edmonton AllianceHousingEdmontonAB200630000Provides community organizing and advocacy for low-income Tenants via their TASC Project (Tenant Action for Sustainable Communities). Their primary aim is to increase the stock of
affordable housing in Greater Edmonton. Funds were provided in support of staff.
North House ShelterHousingUxbridgeON200610800Provides transitional housing and a support program ("WrapAround") for the homeless. Funds were provided in support of their rent subsidies
Romero HouseHousingToronto ON200620000Provides resettlement of refugees in an atmosphere of friendship, in a community of equals and in a spirit of neighbourliness. Funds were provides for the Internship Program that enables young people from Canada and abroad to live and work with the refugees in the
Laubach Literacy of CanadaAdult EducationOttawaON200650000National Training Officer/Literacy Handbook Project provides adult literacy training in a one-on-one approach. Funding provided for a National Training Officer.
Norquest CollegeAdult EducationEdmontonAB200630000Refugee Settlement Program provides refugees with basic literacy skills & Canadian cultural competency to set the foundation for successful
Biosphere Institute of the Bow ValleyEnvironmentCanmore AB200620000Provided funds in support of Sustainability Hub of the Biosphere Institute of the Bow Valley program that builds on the success of the Natural Step to a Sustainable Canmore. The goal is to create and support a culture of sustainability through education and outreach to schools &
Centre for Earth & Spirit SocietyEnvironmentSookeBC200615000Energy & Water Conserving Upgrades at the Centre for Earth and Spirit project provides practical & ecological solutions and social outreach to women, children, youth & inmates to address the degradation of the environment. Funds provided for upgrades to the facility to make it more energy
Falls Brook CentreEnvironmentKnowlesvilleNB200640000New Brunswick Organic Farm Apprenticeship Program is an innovative organic farming apprenticeship program that engages individuals, organic farmers & colleges in a collaborative effort to farm more environmentally
KAIROSEnvironmentTorontoON200620000Funding provided for the “Streams of Living Justice: Ecumencial Action to Protect Water as a Sacred Gift” campaign opposing the privatization of water services & the consumer trend to bottled
Toronto Kiwanis Boys & Girls ClubEnvironmentTorontoON20065000Funding for Green Thumbs/Growing Kids Program provided a community/school gardening and nature program that advances inter-religious/cultural cooperation & environmental awareness for children attending an inner-city
Home Suite HopeHousingOakvilleON200620000Increased Life-Coach Facilitation provides affordable housing & support for homeless via a social service facilitator to ensure residents move towards independence & self-sufficiency. Funding provided to increase the hours of the social service
St. Clare Multifaith Housing SocietyHousingTorontoON200640000Tenant Support Co-ordinator for 138 Pears provides a collaborative approach to housing development and support. Funds provided for a full-time tenant support worker to undertake additional programming such as supporting the community meal
ChrysalisAdult EducationEdmontonAB200532500ABC's of Job Readiness for Persons with Disabilities project provides literacy & jobs development skills for intellectually disabled
L'Arche Foundation of Greater VancouverAdult EducationBurnabyBC20055000Funding towards new computers & computer training for intellectually Disabled
Peel Literacy GuildAdult EducationMississaugaON20055000Provided funding for Literacy Materials Support Funding project to replace educational materials for this adult literacy
Ecologos InstituteEnvironmentMississaugaON200545000Spiritual transformation with an environmental focus. Project includes the "Universarium Travelling Fair" slated for presentation at Ontario Place in
Labour Environmental AllianceEnvironmentVancouverBC200515000Chemical Trespass: Protecting Environmental Health Through the Elimination of Toxins project is aimed at protecting environmental health through the elimination of toxins found in common household and workplaces products, while engaging workers, students and the general public in environmental education and advocacy.
Marmot Recovery FoundationEnvironmentNanaimoBC200510000Funding provided for a research project & field work in non-lethal predator
Daybreak Non-Profit ShelterHousingOttawaON200515000Housing Coordinator program provides supportive housing programs for single marginalized
Homelessness Action GroupHousingTorontoON20052000Provided funding for Policy Change Program to undertake public education & political advocacy group around the issues of
Sojourn HouseHousingTorontoON200553000Trauma Counselling Project provided trauma counseling for those living in the shelter to deal with post traumatic stress that is keeping them from fully integrating into Canadian
Edmonton Mennonite Centre for NewcomersAdult EducationEdmontonAB200514000Bridging the Gap Program provides an educational program for refugee
First Baptist ChurchAdult EducationOttawaON200525000Discovery University project provides literacy training opportunity for 32 homeless individuals to access a university education.
P.A.L.S. (Project Adult Literacy Society)Adult EducationEdmontonAB20059000Students for Students Project provides programs that enable literacy and ESL students to network and develop skills.
Federation of Ontario NaturalistsEnvironmentTorontoON200510000The Nature Network Legacy project is an initiative to engage more Multicultural communities in conservation work through
KAIROSEnvironmentTorontoON200531200"God's Water - Our Life" is a project to stop Canada's
support for water privatization by mobilizing the Church constituency, in solidarity with groups & social movements in developing countries working on water issues.
Saskatchewan Environmental SocietyEnvironmentSaskatoonSK200512000Saskatoon Pesticide Reduction provides an educational program to the public regarding the use of pesticides through the promotion of "Pesticide Awareness Week"
The Natural Step of CanadaEnvironmentOttawaON200545000Outreach and E-learning project's mission is to act as a catalyst to bring about systemic change, by making fundamental principles of sustainability easier to understand & implement through an on-line e course, case studies and outreach to the
Toronto Kiwanis Boys & Girls ClubEnvironmentToronto ON20055000Advancing inter-religious/cultural cooperation and environmental awareness through community/school gardening and nature programs (Green Thumbs/Growing Kids) for children attending Winchester Junior & Senior Public School and Riverdale Farm through Toronto Parks &
Aunt Leah's Independent Life Skills SocietyHousingVancouverBC200510000Provides a 6 to 9 month supportive housing program - "Thresholds" for young
Edmonton Mennonite Centre for NewcomersHousingEdmontonAB200515000First transitional refugee housing facility in Canada. Provides supportive programs at "Trinity Manor".
Metro Non-Profit HousingHousingDartmouthNS200510000Housing Support Centre - Program assists single adults who have been homeless or at risk of being homeless to create and maintain their homes.
Romero HouseHousingToronto ON200540000Internship Program provides transitional housing and assistance for refugees in
Stella Burry Community ServicesHousingSt. John'sNL20055000Community Support Program provides supported living arrangements to ex-offenders who are returning to the
Youth Without ShelterHousingEtobicokeON200510000Operates a residential "stay-in-school" program for homeless

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