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Righting Relations Canada (RR) is a heart-centred, national network of adult educators, community organizers and Indigenous Peoples of the world working for radical social change through decolonization and popular education.

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An Exciting New Chapter Coming Soon

We know you make the road by walking.


Five years ago, Righting Relations Canada was born from the identified need to support adult educators and community organizers across the country who felt isolated and burnt out, to provide the space and resources for them to reflect on and improve their social justice work.


Since then, we have built regional and local hubs and networks in the East, West, and Central regions of Canada that are actively working together to influence change. With the financial and administrative support of the Catherine Donnelly Foundation (CDF), we have developed a national network that has directly impacted over 2,900 adult educators since 2015.


In 2020-2021, Righting Relations began a transformation: from CDF program to autonomous nonprofit. As part of this process, we’re working on a new website to better connect and communicate with adult educators and community organizers nationwide.


We can’t wait to share this new platform with you; until then, you can keep up to date with Righting Relations’ news, current projects, and upcoming events on our social media or by signing up for our monthly newsletter, and, as always, you can contact us at info@rightingrelations.org

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